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5 benefits of exercising | healthy tc

5 benefits of exercising

Benefits of exercising, it has never been my habit to wake up early, but one day I decided to be that lively girl and do morning exercise. I know a lot of girls make a decision like this and then their enthusiasm for doing it goes away quickly.

The idea of waking up very early and giving up on the bed is not easy for most of us, but I am sure that you will be keen on that if you know the following five benefits of exercising in the morning instead of the evening.

Benefits of physical activity

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benefits of exercising
benefits of exercising

5 benefits of exercising

1- Doing exercise in the morning makes you more committed and more able to stick to it compared to exercising in the evening.

In the morning, there are fewer excuses that may prevent you from performing exercises, while in the evening they increase. You may either be tired from a hard and long day at work or do not want to miss an evening outing with family or friends.

2- Morning exercises, contribute greatly to making your day go better and more regular, as it works to regulate the body’s biological clock, and stimulate it to secrete the endorphins hormone, which improves mood and relieves stress and tension.

Benefits of physical

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benefits of exercising
benefits of exercising

3- If you are exercising in order to lose weight and maintain the ideal shape of your body, then the morning is the best time for that.

Exercising in the morning helps burn fat and calories faster and also reduces your feeling of excess hunger during the day.

4- You may also know that exercise, in general, helps to increase mental activity and the ability to memorize and focus.

This is the reason why it is better to exercise in the morning before going to work than in the evening.

5- Of course, exercising at any time has many benefits for your health, but exercising in the morning period enables the body to reach the maximum benefit possible.

Morning exercise regulates blood pressure, speed of heartbeat, and stimulates blood circulation in the body.

Exercise improves

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