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Five benefits of orange for all skin types

The benefits of oranges

Oranges are a seasonal non-evergreen tree that appears in the winter season. and they contain a high percentage of vitamin C and many minerals and nutrients the benefits of orange the body and skin, as it is anti-aging, and an astringent.

It is also one of the citrus fruits that helps maintain in general the beauty and smoothness of the skin,

other than the healing properties of oranges and the delicious and beneficial taste that quenches thirst. The following are the benefits of orange juice and how to prepare it.

benefits of orange

Here are the 5 most important benefits of orange on skin:

( 1 ) The orange peel has a high content of vitamin C more than the fruit itself, so instead of throwing the peels.

you can dry them in the sun and grind them to prepare orange peel powder and use it to scrub the body.

You can also mix orange powder with milk or milk cream and apply it on the face and so .

the skin will glow And the dark spots and impurities disappear from your skin.

( 2 ) The excess dirt, toxins and bacteria block the skin pores, which leads to the occurrence of pimples. Oranges have a high percentage of citric acid and are effective in drying acne.

( 3 ) Orange peels contain a high amount of dietary fiber that regulates bowel movement,

thus eliminating harmful waste and toxins from the body. and thus acne flare-ups are prevent internally through the elimination of toxins.

( 4 ) A face mask can be prepared by grinding orange peels to make a paste and apply it all over the face.

This will prevent acne and fight oily skin and with repeated use of this mask you can see clear results in reducing pimples.

( 5 ) Orange peels are a natural whitening agent. It can also lighten dark spots on the skin and remove them effectively over time. Moreover, it helps reduce pigmentation in the sun by preventing harmful UV rays from being absorb by the skin

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