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Causes and treatment of sagging skin

Causes and treatment of sagging skin, skin sagging skin appears after losing a large portion of body fat. Among the most important factors that help increase flabbiness after losing weight are the following:

Causes and treatment of sagging skin

Lack of exercise

Exercise is an important thing that must be followed along with a diet or slimming regime because exercise helps to tighten the body and skin during the process of losing weight.
Causes and treatment of sagging skin And reduce the likelihood of the appearance of body flabbiness

Old age

One of the most important factors that help increase skin sagging is advancing age, as the body becomes more flexible in the skin due to the loss of some essential nutrients and aging, which allows for more sagging.


The trend to surgical operations, especially with the aim of rapid weight loss, greatly increases the chance of sagging skin after the operation.

Causes and treatment of sagging skin
Causes and treatment of sagging skin

Genetic factors

Genetic factors greatly affect the skin, as some people have genetic factors that lead to more sagging skin than others.

Not drinking large amounts of water

During the period of dieting, the skin usually needs to be moisturized and in a successive manner, so when not drinking water in large quantities, Causes and treatment of sagging skin leads to dry skin, which leads to body sagging

Weakness of connective tissues

Connective tissues are the tissues that work to strengthen and support cartilage, and when these tissues weaken, the surrounding skin weakens with it, which leads to sagging, especially with age

Reliance on an unbalanced diet

There is no doubt that during the dieting or slimming process the body loses many important elements in it, so when doing diets, a balanced diet must be followed.

Because not following a balanced diet will lead to the appearance of stretching in some places in the skin, Causes and treatment of sagging skin making your body after losing weight to take a completely unhealthy shape.

Pregnancy and Birth

Pregnancy is one of the methods that lead to a woman gaining a lot of weight during a very small period, which is the period of 9 months of pregnancy
Therefore, after childbirth, if the woman lost this weight quickly, this leads to the presence of body sagging, especially in the abdominal region

Drink cold drinks during meals or immediately after meals

Cold drinks cool the temperature of the food inside the stomach, which leads to slow digestion because the body takes time to increase the temperature of the food until it reaches the digestive stage Causes and treatment of sagging skin.
Also, drinking cold drinks leads to a reduction in stomach acids responsible for digestion

Sleeping right after eating

Sleeping is one of the well-known methods that lead to relaxation of the body’s muscles, so when you sleep directly after food, this increases the blood pressure on the stomach, which leads to its expansion and the presence of food inside it leads to the expansion more

Some tips to avoid sagging

Drink plenty of water

The amount of water a day should not be less than 8 cups, which will moisturize the skin and reduce the chances of sagging.

Playing sports

Because exercise helps to tighten the skin and not to appear flabby, especially in fat loss areas.

Slow weight loss

Causes and treatment of sagging skin Try seriously not to lose weight quickly in order to give the skin a chance to gradually reduce its size and preserve the muscles.
Where beauty experts advise that the allowable weight to lose a week is only 2 kg

Follow a healthy diet during the diet

When planning a diet, take into account that you eat various foods, but in limited quantities, which helps to balance between the body not losing important essential vitamins and at the same time not gaining weight

Do not expose the skin to the sun

Beauty experts and doctors always recommend putting on sunscreen when going out to direct sunlight
Causes and treatment of sagging skin This is because the sun’s rays work to increase body flabbiness

stop smoking to stop skin sagging

Smoking affects the body because blood does not reach different places in the body, which leads to sagging and aging of the skin

Eat protein in large quantities

Protein rebuilds and rejuvenates the skin again, so it is always recommended to eat adequate amounts of protein

Eating more vegetables and fruits

This is because of its vitamins and minerals that work to maintain the health of the body and renew skin cells

Track your weight continuously

Weight tracking helps to understand the ability of your body to increase or decrease, which leads to easy control of the body without a sudden decrease in the amount of fat or a sudden increase that leads to sagging skin

Constantly massaging the body

The use of moisturizers, natural mixtures, and oils such as olive oil, castor oil, almonds, and others. They are used to massage the sagging areas of the skin, which work to break down some fats and tighten the skin.

The use of antioxidants

Antioxidants are among the substances that have proven to be very effective in reducing skin and body flabbiness and eliminating wrinkles due to their vitamins and stimuli for collagen growth, and the most important of these vitamins are zinc, selenium, and vitamin C.

Quick body-tightening exercises to stop skin sagging

There are certain exercises that tighten the body quickly, one of the most important of these exercises

Walking and running for half an hour daily

Push-ups, lifting weights and weights

Tightening exercises for the buttocks, abdomen and buttocks

And the rope jumped


A squat kick exercise that strengthens the muscles of the foot

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