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Comment matière les couleurs de vos vêtements? | healthy tc

Comment matière les couleurs de vos vêtements?

La mode, ce n’est pas qu’une question de formes et de matière. Le choix des couleurs est primordial. Si certaines préfèrent arborer le total look noir pour ne pas risquer un fashion faux pas, donner de l’éclat à sa tenue est préférable. Nous vous donnons ici tous les conseils fondamentaux pour réussir à savoir comment marier les couleurs de vos vêtements. On vous garantit un sans-faute !

Jamais plus de 3 couleurs à la fois matière

C’est la règle d’or des couleurs vestimentaires si vous voulez apprendre à savoir comment marier les couleurs entre elles. On ne porte jamais plus de trois couleurs différentes sur soi. On ne sait pas bien qui en a décidé ainsi, mais c’est comme ça. Une tenue n’est pas un déguisement : mieux vaut éviter d’en faire trop, au risque de se ridiculiser.

Alors, âmes d’artiste s’abstenir : on ne choisit que trois teintes et on s’y tient. La bonne astuce est de choisir une couleur dominante puis de la compléter avec deux couleurs mineures, que vous ajoutez avec parcimonie.

The color theorem

You choose your clothes according to your body type, right? It’s the same for colors. There is a specific theorem that defines where to place colors.

Bottom: for your pants, skirts and shorts, use dark colors to lengthen and refine your figure.
Above: for your t-shirts, sweaters and tops, opt for light and dynamic colors to illuminate your complexion.
You see, it’s not that hard to know how to match colors. Of course, this is a rule and rules are sometimes made to be broken. Remember that dark colors are ideal for hiding your small complexes and that light colors are eye-catching. So, depending on the parts of your body that you want to highlight matière , it’s up to you!

Comment matière les couleurs de vos vêtements

Camaieu: new slimming program

Do you dream of a diet that allows you to eat as much as you want without making any physical matière effort? Do not search anymore. An outfit in shades makes a remarkable slimming program, or rather let’s say a perfect trompe-l’oeil matière

It’s well known, monochrome lengthens the silhouette. This is why so many women adopt the 100% black look. Not stupid since, if you followed us well, the dark colors also refine the forms.

However, it must be said, a monochrome outfit without nuance is a little sad and much too banal. For more originality, opt for shades, this combination of different shades of the same color. Limit yourself to three!

The trap of complementary colors matière

Here we are in the slightly more technical part than all those who skipped the art classes in college dread. In order not to get lost in such a good way, we have integrated a nice chromatic circle in our article. There, just below.

You finally visualize the primary colors, the secondary colors and the tertiary colors.

Primary colors: yellow, red and blue
Secondary colors: green, orange and purple
Tertiary colors: purple, turquoise, indigo, ocher, chartreuse green and vermilion
Complementary colors are two colors which, on this chromatic circle, face each other. For example, the complementary color of blue is orange, that of red is green and that of yellow is purple.

If you can be tempted to combine clothes with complementary colors, you have to be careful. Indeed, this would risk compacting your figure by visually cutting your body in half. The combination of two centerpieces of complementary colors is therefore rarely a good idea.

We advise you to play the complementarity on the accessories. This will make all the difference. For example, to brighten up a black outfit, wear a purple belt and a mustard yellow clutch.

Here it is, this is already the end of our guide to learn how to combine colors without lack of taste. We hope that after reading this article, you will no longer be skeptical in front of your wardrobe and that you will know how to have an elegant and classy look! One last piece of advice before saying goodbye: always check your outfit in natural light before going out on the street. Believe us, the brightness is sometimes misleading…

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