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Different skin types and knowing your skin type

Different skin types and knowing your skin type, You must know the skin types in order to be able to know your own skin type to begin with; So that you use suitable materials that are suitable for her, and what is not permissible to use, to get the best appearance without exposure to skin problems, and you get the skin that completely satisfies you.
There are four types of skin, it is either normal, oily, dry, or combination, and each type has signs that distinguish it from the other with its own routine.

Different skin types and knowing your skin type

Oily skin is characterized by a greasy texture and a shiny appearance, and this is due to the oils secreted by the sebaceous glands in the skin, Different skin types and knowing your skin type as it has large pores, which form black and white pimples; Due to the accumulation of sebum and dirt in its large pores. But these fats moisturize the skin, make it look healthy, and protect it from the appearance of expressive lines.

Different skin types and knowing your skin type
Different skin types and knowing your skin type

Normal skin

Normal skin is distinguished by its balanced appearance, it is not shiny and does not secrete excess sebum, it is not dry, crack, and it is one of the best types of skin that is balances in oils and dryness.

Dry skin

As for this skin, it does not secrete fat like other types of skin, so its appearance is dry, cracked, lacks moisture, and it is sensitive

to external stimuli, and is more prone to wrinkles and expressive lines.

Combination skin

Combination skin is characterized as: It combines two types of skin in different parts of the face. So the forehead, nose, and chin area is oily skin, there are oils in it and it is shiny and its pores are wide,

Different skin types and knowing your skin type while the cheeks are tight with dry skin, and it must be moistened due to the lack of fat secretion in it.

Skin types test

You can know your skin type using a simple test.
After you finish showering, do not put any product on your skin and wait two hours, then spread one layer of medical tissues, and press it without moving it off your face, then look at it:
If you see oily spots on most of the tissue and all over the face, then your skin is oily.

if you find oil spots in the forehead, nose and chin, your skin will be mixed.
But if there are no oils at all, then leave the tissue for another five minutes, if you got simple oils in separate places, then you are enjoying normal skin.
But if you do not get oils at all, your skin will be dry.

Now that you know your skin type, you must use natural products and recipes that are appropriate for your skin type. This article is for you to teach you an oily skin care routine, to get a healthy, attractive complexion that satisfies you.

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