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Dry hands all-natural treatments

Dry hands all-natural treatments, Dry hands: Being constantly used, the hands, if not taken care of, tend to get damaged very quickly. Very quickly, they become dry and rough, tug and/or blush. A situation that is however easy to avoid by adopting an adapted skincare routine!

Dry hands all-natural treatments

Oat milk baths to soothe

For hands that lack hydration and softness, nothing like oat milk! In addition to hydrating in depth, it also soothes feelings of tightness and other itching. Do as soon as you feel the need.

Prepare your homemade milk by pouring hot water into a large bowl or salad bowl. Add a small handful of organic oats and let it steep until the water turns milky. Then put your hands inside for 5-10 min.

Finally, you can massage your hands with oatmeal: this will strengthen the moisturizing and soothing side, and will make you a very gentle scrub to remove dead skin. You just have to rinse your hands before drying them.

Dry hands all-natural treatments
Dry hands all-natural treatments

Soft scrub to soften

If your hands look dry and grainy, it is because of the dead skin that remains on the surface. In order to get rid of it and let your skin breathe, it is advisable to make a gentle exfoliation, at least once a week!

To do this, simply mix 1 dose of organic olive oil and 2 doses of fine sugar. Moisten your hands and massage them for 4 to 5 minutes with the resulting mixture. Take it easy, it shouldn’t be damaged any more!

Dry hands all-natural treatments Then simply rinse them with hot water: it will melt the sugar and remove the excess oil. Do not use soap! You would then remove the protective film created by the olive oil.

Aloe Vera gel or vegetable glycerin to hydrate

After cleaning and drying your hands, it’s time to take care of them! If they are dry, it is because they have lost all or almost all their natural hydration: it should therefore be restored as soon as possible.

Here, nothing like Aloe Vera gel, which will also soothe the discomfort and heal any chapped skin. For allergy sufferers, it is possible to replace it with vegetable glycerin. The latter will however not have healing properties.

On dry skin, apply a small amount of product and massage until penetration. Dry hands all-natural treatments Renew as soon as you feel the need during the day if your hands are damaged, or every evening to prevent drying.

Your hands will regain softness and flexibility in a short time. To prevent them from spoiling again, make a habit of feeding them this morning and / or evening after your shower. This will reduce the risk of having dry hands!

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