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Facial beauty tips | healthy tc
Beauty tips

Facial beauty tips

Facial beauty tips, it seems that most people of both sexes have become one of their first concerns, face care and the speed to beautify it, to appear in front of people in the most beautiful way, and here we will present what we have been able of the most important cosmetic advice that we can provide for the face and care for it.

Here we will start by providing cosmetic advice for the face in a natural way in order to achieve two goals and Beauty tips skin natural care.

The first of which is to use natural materials to beautify the face because it is safer, that is, Facial beauty tips it does not have any serious complications such as the use of chemicals or surgeries to beautify the face.

As for the second goal, Facial beauty tips it is to reduce the costs of facials plastic surgery because the natural methods are less in terms of material cost than other methods where chemicals are available in the market, so let’s start:

Facial beauty tips

What are the ways to beautify the face naturally?

Facial beauty tips
Facial beauty tips

1- Resist facial wrinkles

Facial beauty tips We can apply the following recipe in order to be able to fight and prevent wrinkles or lines that appear on the face around the eyes and on the sides of the mouth, Beauty tips skin natural care and the recipe contributes to a face-lift and maintains its freshness:

  • We use one of the banana fruits free of black dots and stomach it with a fork and add two tablespoons of milk to the mashed banana and mix them together until the mixture is homogeneous.
  • Now we can use the mixture by applying it on the entire face, especially those areas where wrinkles and lines appear, Beauty tips skin naturals cares the sides of the mouth and around the eyes, and leave the mixture on the face for fifteen minutes, and then wash it with water.

Care tips

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2- Treatment of large pores

Here we present one of the most important facial cosmetic tips beauty that can be offered, which is to use this mixture to eliminate pimples that appear on the faces and hair beauty, narrow the open pores on the face, and eliminate the effects of burns that result from exposure to ultraviolet rays for a long time, and here is this mixture:

Beauty tips skin We put an amount of olive oil on the entire face and leave it for about ten minutes so that the face can absorb the largest amount of oil.

We mix a little starch with a little cold water of course because the starch does not dissolve except with cold water, Beauty tips skin then we cover the face with the mixture and leave it for at least twenty minutes, and then wash the face with water.

Facial beauty tips
Facial beauty tips

3- Treating pallor of facial skin

We can do this with this mixture that we will talk about, and Beauty tips skin it is useful in eliminating dullness, circles, and black spots around the eyes beauty, and also contributes to making the skin color one color and whitening it:

  • We use two cucumbers, after cleaning them well, and we spray them.
  • Take one egg white and add it to the cucumber shredder, and mix them together.
  • We add two tablespoons of powdered milk to the previous mixture and mix the mixture well.
  • Beauty tips skin We then apply the mixture that we have produced on the face and leave it for twenty minutes, after which we clean the face with warm water and then use ice water to wash the face again.

Natural beauty

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4- Dissolving sebum and eliminating impurities from facial skin

To do this, we use the following recipe, Facial beauty tips can dissolve fat, remove impurities from the skin, and eliminate (blackheads). The recipe is prepared as follows:

  • We bring a few chamomile flowers, Beauty tips skin the amount estimated at half a cup, and we boil them in two cups of water, cover the pot, and put it on the fire to boil.
  • We uncover the lid after it has finished boiling, and expose the facial skin to the steam produced by boiling chamomile flowers, paying attention to leaving a space between the face and the pot so that skin discharges do not occur from the effect of steam burns.
  • It is better to cover the pot and the head together in order to make use of the steam for as long as possible.
  • After that, we dry the face from the steam that has condensed on it, and we massage the facials skin with pieces of ice in order to close the pores that have opened from the effect of the hot steam.

Tips for face

Facial beauty tips
Facial beauty tips

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5- Acne

Acne is the result of skin disorders caused by clogging of skin pores and hair, by the accumulation of dead skin cells, and what happens most of the beauty acne in adolescence, and the back is gone after this age.

Among the causes of Facial beauty tips it is also the increased secretion of the male hormone during puberty, or from taking medications that contain the mineral lithium, Beauty tips, and the genetic factor, which has a very important effect on beauty acne.

Often acne beauty spots on the neck and face appear in the form of skin blisters, white and blackheads, or as scars or pits.

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