Foods that increase the immunity of a pregnant woman

Foods that increase the immunity of a pregnant woman, Because of the hormonal changes that occur to a woman during pregnancy, the immunity of a pregnant woman’s body changes, and she becomes vulnerable to diseases and health symptoms that affect her and her fetus, and therefore she must eat foods that enhance her immunity and work to increase it.

A specialist in obstetrics and gynecology refers to the most important foods that increase the immunity of a pregnant woman as follows:

Foods that increase the immunity of a pregnant woman
Foods that increase the immunity of a pregnant woman

Boost your immune systems

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 Foods that increase the immunity of a pregnant woman

Red meat

  • Red meat contains a large proportion of iron, which is used in the manufacture of hemoglobin, which enhances the body’s immunity.
  • Foods that increase the immunity of a pregnant woman And red meat contains a high percentage of zinc, which increases the body’s immunity, and zinc works to enhance immunity as it contains antioxidants that increase the antibodies to diseases that fights free radicals.
  • Fresh red meat also contains a large percentage of protein, which strengthens the muscles of a pregnant woman’s body, which increases her ability to resist diseases.
  • The pregnant woman must eat well-cooked red meat and avoid fried ones.

Boosting your immune

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Foods are rich in vitamin C.

  • Foods that increase the immunity of a pregnant woman include dark vegetables and fruits, especially citrus fruits and kiwi for the immune system healthy.
  • They include colored peppers, especially as studies have shown that they contain a higher proportion of vitamin C than oranges and tangerines.
  • Guava contains a large percentage of vitamin C, contrary to the norm, but its seeds must be discarded so that the pregnant woman does not become constipated.
  • Vitamin C boosts the body’s immunity against diseases, especially respiratory diseases.
  • Foods that are rich in vitamin C boost blood vessel health and strength.
  • Foods rich in vitamin C are one of the most important antioxidants.


  • Eggs contain a large number of vitamins that boost and strengthen the body’s immunity.
  • Eggs also contain a large proportion of “omega-3”, which greatly enhances the immunity in the body.
  • The immune system contains zinc, which is beneficial for immunity when calcium is available in the body.
  • And it gives the body a sufficient amount of protein for immunity and building damaged tissues, provided it is not excessive.

Strong immune system

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Foods that increase the immunity of a pregnant woman
Foods that increase the immunity of a pregnant woman

Dairy products

  • Dairy products play a big role in enhancing the immunity of a pregnant woman.
  • Yogurt is especially useful in strengthening immunity.
  • Immune system It also contains zinc, which supports the body’s immunity.
  • And a large amount of calcium, which supports the health of bones and teeth, immune system and combines with magnesium and zinc to strengthen the body’s immunity.


  • Nuts are a mine of vitamins and minerals.
  • Certain nuts work to strengthen the immune system, which is almonds and cashews.
  • Therefore, the pregnant woman must be careful to eat a daily portion of it, provided it is not salty, because salt helps to store fluids in the body, immune system and it exposes the pregnant woman to the risk of high blood pressure.
  • Immune system And raw nuts are preferred in this case in order to get more of their usefulness.

What are the foods forbidden for a pregnant woman because they reduce her immunity?

  • Immune system It is forbidden to consume caffeine in all its forms, such as tea, coffee, cappuccino, and soft drinks.
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited for pregnant women.
  • And you should stay away from fast food, and snacks.

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