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Hair preservation methods | healthy tc
Hair care

Hair preservation methods

Hair preservation methods, winter is the challenging season to maintain healthy and beautiful hair but nevertheless, do not despair, with the help of the following tips you can walk around with beautiful and healthy hair even in the cold season.

 Hair preservation methods

1- Nourish your weak hair by using silicone

Weak, dry, and naturally lifeless hair health doesn’t like conditioners at all. The air conditioning keeps hair tired and shapeless.

Hair preservation methods It is recommended to nourish the hair by using silicone drops or spray before operating the air conditioner. As silicone important long gives maintain elasticity and shine to get looking hair health, it protects hair from air conditioners.

Hair preservation methods
Hair preservation methods

2 – Eat grains and nuts

Grains, nuts, omega-3, protein, fish, green leaves, beans, and other vegetables are very good for healthy keep hair. Hair preservation methods It strengthens the hair fibers and gives it a healthy maintain and beautiful look.

In contrast, fast-food diets cause tremendous damage to healthy keep hair. Also, a lack of vitamins and minerals in the body, such as zinc, biotin, or proteins, may lead to hair breakage and loss.

Hair care

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3- Maintain hair and its shine by using warm water

Hot waters cleanses the scalp from the accumulated fat and cleans it. But at the same time, these fats give shine and luster to healthy keep hair.

So the middle solution here is to use warm waters. Wash your hair with warm waters instead of waters and while doing so gently massage your scalps.

4- Fix split ends by eating protein

Hairstyles, hair dye, lightening hair color, exposure to sunlight, curling hair, straightening hair, all of which damage the hair and cause the ends of the hair to split.

To protect the ends of the hair and prevent breakage, healthy keep it is recommended to use hair products that contain protein. It penetrates deep into the hair and prevents its breakage. For the ends of hair that is already split, it is recommended to cut them with scissors.

Keep your hair

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5- Do not treat dandruff with oil

Since the cause of dandruff is actually oily skins and not dry skin, applying oil to the scalps will only exacerbate the appearance of dandruff.

So dandruff shampoos. If the dandruff is severe, you can be going to a doctor to get a prescription for a medicated shampoo.

Hair preservation methods
Hair preservation methods

6- Reduce the temperature of the hairdryer

When we go to buy a hairdryer, we always want healthy to buy the most powerful and powerful hairdryer in order to drying hairs quickly. In fact, the greater the power of the hairdryer, the more power and speed it will damage the healthy hairs.

A hairdryer with very low power may waste a few precious minutes in the morning, but it well reduce the severity of damage to your healthy hairs.

Maintaining healthy

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7- How to maintain the hair?

Avoid hairstyles that can damage it. Tight ponytails and braids can break the hairs and even pull them off the scalp.

Wet hairs are more fragile than drying hairs, so it is best to avoids combing wet hairs and tying them with rubber bands.

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