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Hair: What Scrub Can Do?

The scrub for hair goes unnoticed in front of that for the skin and yet, it also has its importance. Here are the tips and tricks to integrate this product into your hair routine.

To find a healthier scalp and say goodbye to impurities, nothing more effective than an exfoliation. It is a great ally for your hair since it allows them to find a second life.

No excuse either for not making it yourself, because it’s easy to do with the ingredients you have in your cupboards.

Why opt for exfoliation?

Caring for your hair is just as important as caring for your skin. If it is necessary to exfoliate your skin regularly to remove impurities, it is exactly the same principle for your scalp. Dry shampoo, dandruff, pollution, sebum … Over the days, the base of your hair is roughed up, exfoliation is therefore essential!
The grains present in the exfoliation make it possible to activate the micro-circulation of the scalp and thus take off the impurities, dead cells or dandruff present.
It will also regulate the sebum present at the roots which will allow you to space out the shampoos.

Hair: What Scrub Can Do?
Hair: What Scrub Can Do?

Finally, it will stimulate blood circulation which promotes hair growth. Exfoliation is preferred for people with a greasy scalp. It is not recommended for irritated scalps. It should be remembered that exfoliation remains an aggressive treatment and that it could further sensitize already fragile hair.

When and how to use scrub?

The hair scrub is to be used before shampooing.

Why ?
It’s like your face. A facial exfoliation is first necessary to purify the skin and make it more receptive to the care that follows. It’s the same for hair. The exfoliation will allow the scalp to benefit from all the benefits of the shampoo applied thereafter.
To apply your scrub, nothing could be simpler: just moisten the hair and apply the product. Attention, it is important to put the mixture only at the roots. The lengths and ends would be damaged in the event of an exfoliation.

Once the exfoliant is deposited at the roots, massage the scalp for a few minutes to stimulate it. Then leave on for 3 to 5 minutes and rinse thoroughly before shampooing.

How often do you do ?

Note, it is advisable to make a scrub every month so as not to irritate your scalp, especially if you make your scrub yourself, it will be more aggressive. If you opt for a commercially available scrub, the beads will be thinner, so you can do it more regularly. But be careful, not more than once every two weeks.

How to make your own scrub?

To make your own exfoliation, you need 50% of grainy base for exfoliation and 50% of liquid base to provide hydration.
For the grainy base, it is possible to take: sugar, sea salt, coffee grounds, or almond or coconut powder.
For the liquid base, you can opt for: honey, vegetable milk, vegetable oil, or aloe vera gel.
To finish your scrub you can add a few drops of essential oil depending on the problems you want to treat. Jojoba oil, for example, hydrates and fights against sebum secretion.
You can mix it all, you just have to apply it.

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