Hatha yoga: what are the benefits?

You can’t scroll on Instagram without seeing pretty yoga figures. For a few years now, hatha yoga has become the benchmark for soft sports. True discipline of life,

never ceases to seduce Westerners. In this article, we tell you about the many benefits of it


Yoga is of Indian origin. In Sanskrit, yoga means both “union”, “control” and “integration”. If, in the West, we know yoga as a sport,

and it we should know that it also represents different currents of thought.

Bhakti Yoga emphasizes spirituality; Karma Yoga claims a moral and humanist aspect; Jnana Yoga teaches self-control; Raja Yoga is more homogeneous and is inspired by the three other movements.

Hatha yoga is actually part of Raja Yoga, Patanjali found that.

We can revolve it around two essential points for human well-being:

posture, called āsana, and breathing, called prāṇāyāma. The practice of it is to find a perfect balance between the heart, body and mind.

In Sanskrit, the term “hatha” means “tenacity”. In the Western world, however, it has been forgotten to keep only the expression “yoga”. If the first French school was founded over 70 years ago, it is the 21st century that marks the real popularization of this discipline.

Hatha yoga session: the ritual

Much more than a gentle sport, it is a discipline that responds to a specific ritual. A session lasts about an hour and takes place almost always in the same way.

A moment of relaxation is first of all devoted to breathing exercises, which is called prāṇāyāma. Muscle warm-up then prepares the body for different positions and prevents injuries.

Hatha yoga: what are the benefits
Hatha yoga: what are the benefits

The asana takes up most of the session. It is a series of different yoga positions. Each of them must be maintained for three minutes. There are postures for all levels: do not aim too high if you are a beginner.

Finally, the session ends with a time of absolute relaxation. Lying on the ground, eyes closed, you remain motionless in silence for several minutes. This moment of intense relaxation is an integral part of the hatha yoga ritual and promotes well-being.

All the benefits

It mainly focuses on posture and breathing. Its benefits therefore act directly on the body. But this discipline also hides many other virtues, both for the mind and for the emotions.

It is good for the body

Thanks to hatha yoga, you undoubtedly gain flexibility. The different postures work gently on the joint of the limbs and the tenacity of the muscles. This is why this gentle sport is

recommended for all those who suffer from back pain or balance problems. also improves the quality of sleep and thus strengthens the immune system.

It is good for morale

It immerses you in a state of meditation that promotes calm and concentration. With targeted breathing exercises, you develop a calm state of mind and drive out a bad mood. The practice of this discipline also makes it possible to work on memory; you need to memorize the sequence of different postures.

Hatha yoga to control your emotions

Zen, let’s stay Zen. has many emotional benefits. Far from the cliché, it really allows you to ease tensions and manage your stress. With relaxation and breathing exercises, you take control of your emotions and face anxiety and dreaded anxiety attacks.

It’s not for nothing that hatha yoga has become so popular. Its benefits and virtues on the body and on the mind make it a complete and effective discipline,

encouraged by health professionals. While some simply practice it as a sport, others have also embraced the philosophy behind this ancestral current. So, is hatha yoga for today or tomorrow?

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