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Having better quality curls: some practices to implement

In order to have better quality curls, it is necessary to take into account the nature of your hair as well as your cut. It is indeed imperative to implement certain practices before, but also after the creation of the loops. Indeed, you will not necessarily use the same care, for long or medium-length hair for example. The same is true for straight or naturally curly hair. So don’t hesitate to read the rest of the article to find out more.

What cut to adopt to have beautiful curls?

In order to have quality curls, it is recommended to adopt the right haircut. It is for example necessary to opt for a gradient in order to fix your curls. It is also possible to keep your bangs provided that the length of the latter does not exceed the line under the eyebrows. You can also sweep it on the side, it will be fine.

If you have short hair, avoid a square cut. It goes wonderfully well with some women, but it doesn’t necessarily go well with curly hair. There are, however, certain exceptions. So do not hesitate to ask your usual hairdresser for advice. The ideal would be to have them semi-long or to have them long. Once your hair is curly, use different products like those from the Loly Secrets range to keep them in this state.

What cut to adopt to have beautiful curls?

Choose the right time

To keep your curls as long as possible, it is best to do them at the right time. For example, avoid waving your hair right after shampooing. At that time, these will be free of sebum which, in this specific case, will protect your hair during curling, but will also keep curls longer. Wait until the next day, or the day after that. Dry shampoo is highly recommended. It brings a little texture to the hair and helps maintain curls.

Parameters which influence the quality of the corrugations

To have curls that last, it is necessary to take into account three main factors:

the cut which, as said earlier, helps to fix the curls,

hydration, especially if you have long hair,

styling: we must favor products that improve the maintenance of curls.

After styling, blow dry your hair as naturally as possible (using your fingers for example). You can however help yourself with a curling iron for better definition.

Curly hair: how to brush it?

Above all, you must have the cut adapted to the nature of your hair. Then use the right care: those that help to hydrate the scalp and those that help maintain curls.

Prefer brushing on rollers for better maintenance of ripples over time. It is also possible to opt for an absolute smoothing before going to the actual brushing or to use a product for a better definition, like Xtenso from L’Oréal. Once you’ve done your curls, use a spray or hair spray.

Updos to optimize your curls

Before going to bed, wrap your curls in buns and secure them with cotton scrunchies. Then cover your hair with a simple scarf or a nightcap and appreciate the result upon waking. You will see that your curls will be perfect.

The perm, another alternative to keep your curls longer

For smooth hair, doing a perm is by far the most effective solution for maintaining your curls. For best efficiency, however, go to the hairdresser. He will not only be able to advise you on the type of perm to adopt, but in addition you will be able to communicate his requirements to him. Choose the one you trust the most. He will be able to design light undulations or tighter curls.

What if my hair is unevenly curly?

If the hair is unevenly curly, various factors can be the cause. These include the weather, hair length, cut, shampoo brand and frequency of application.

When the weather is wet, hair tends to be more curly than usual. To have beautiful curls, it is better to opt for mid-length and degraded cuts on the whole. This will give more dynamism to your hair.

If your hair tends to be flat and fine, opt for suitable shampoos or a spray providing volume. You will spray these on the root or on the lengths so that the undulations are better.

How to color your hair?

Before any coloring, it is first necessary to have a good cut. The latter will enhance your hair as well as the color. Although the most suitable one depends on each woman, it is possible to try the icing. This is a coloring technique that enhances the locks by making them brighter.

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