Healthy sleep and its benefits to the body

Healthy sleep and its benefits to the body, We work hard throughout the day, while we wait for the moment to go to bed and go to sleep so that we get the rest we want and rejuvenate our cells.

There are people who get a healthy sleep, which makes it active and vital after waking up, and others cannot sleep and are tormented by insomnia throughout the night.

Everyone knows that the number of hours of healthy sleep is 8 hours, and it is advised for those suffering from insomnia to follow the method of healthy sleep to overcome their insomnia, so that the body regains its energy and renews it.

Healthy sleep and its benefits to the body

Sleep regulation physiology

Sleep is one of the basic needs of a person, it is not just a person to feel tired while sleeping,

but it is one of the functions of the nervous system according to the rules of its own biological clock.

Healthy Sleep is based on an organized physiological process, in which the roles of (hormones, the nervous system, and light) combine in the regulation of healthy, calm sleep.

Doctors say that the absence of the nerve cells responsible for stopping the brain’s wakefulness leads to severe insomnia.

Healthy sleep and its benefits to the body
Healthy sleep and its benefits to the body

Factors that help in healthy sleep

The light around the person: The darkness of the night helps to secrete the hormone (melatonin) that leads to sleep.
Inside the body: a full stomach gives a feeling of wanting to sleep.
There are other nerve cells that send nerve signals to the medulla oblongata, Healthy sleep and its benefits to the body the spinal cord and the frontal lobe of the brain during sleep in order to act on:

Muscle relaxation.
Accelerating eye movement
Electrical brain activity during sleep.
The stages of healthy sleep

The sleeper goes through two main, alternating and alternating stages throughout the sleep period, namely:

Non-rapid eye movement sleep stage
It is the first stage of sleep, in which there is no eye movement and brain activity slows, and it lasts for an hour or two and without dreams.

The stage of rapid eye movement sleep
This is the stage of dreams, when the brain activity increases and the eyes move quickly, Healthy sleep and its benefits to the body and the muscles relax completely, except for the eye muscles and the reproductive system.
The REM sleep phase begins an hour or two after falling asleep.

What is meant by healthy sleep?

Sleep that gives a person an adequate amount of rest without an increase or decrease, which preserves his physical, mental and psychological health.
A person needs a variable number of hours of sleep during the stages of his life, excluding external factors such as work, insomnia or age
If you have a healthy sleep, you get a lot of rest

Some tips, if you implement them, you will get a healthy sleep.

Establish a daily sleep routine

Fixing certain steps before bed helps you prepare your mind for it. You realize that drinking a cup of warm milk means starting steps that end in sleep.
So prepare for your sleep with constant daily things such as dim the lights, or wear pajamas, or read a book … etc.
Make this routine consistent all days of the week, even on holiday.

Cut back on caffeine

Do not drink too much caffeinated and stimulant drinks such as coffee, tea and nescafe during your day.
Healthy sleep and its benefits to the body Also, a piece of chocolate that consists of cocoa, which contains a small amount of caffeine, is able to cause insomnia.

Inhale the scent of lavender

Lavender helps you relax and sleep, spray a little on your pillow or around the room before bed.

Stay away from the computer and mobile phone when you sleep

We mentioned previously that darkness is one of the factors that lead to sleep, so it is expected that the light emitted from screens will prevent you from getting the healthy sleep you want.

Other tips for healthy sleep

Prevent sleeping during the day.
Refrain from eating right before bed.
Not to do vigorous exercises at least two hours before bed.
Meditation and relaxation help you get a good night’s sleep.

If this natural healthy sleep method does not work for you, you should seek the help of a doctor to prescribe safe natural compounds and herbs to help you sleep healthy.

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