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How to care for hair in winter

How to care for hair in winter, many do not know that the winter cold affects the hair, as the low temperatures, the open air, and then dry central heating may damage the scalp and lead to dryness, so the hair must be moisturized and taken care of in the winter season, and here’s how to care for hair In winter.

How to care for hair in winter

Keep washing hair

Try to wash the hair two or three times a week, so as not to allow it to dry in the cold because drought makes it very harsh in the winter.

How to care for hair in winter
How to care for hair in winter

Use a sulfate-free shampoo

Sulfur is a very common ingredient in shampoos, but it seriously damages your hair because it consumes all the beneficial and nourishing oils for hair.

This causes a lot of hair problems, and therefore shampoo that is free of sulfur and harmful chemicals is preferred.

Use your conditioner with care

How to care for hair in winter It is best if the conditioner you use for your hair is rich, thick, and extremely moist and contains fatty acids and moisturizers such as soy protein and panthenol, these ingredients keep hair moist.

Winter hair care

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Avoid bathing in hot water

Bathing in warm water and then going out in cold weather harms the scalp and skin, and therefore the water must be lukewarm during weather the shower.

Avoid making horsetail

Styling tips the Dec hair down prevents it from cracking like the cracking that occurs in the ponytail ring, How to care for hair in winter it is best to style it at different heights each time so that no pressure is put on one area.

Hair cover

Wearing hair covers in winter to protect them from the drought-causing cold.

Use argon oil

Argan oil is one of the best products that moisturize tips hair during the winter season, but you must make sure that the oils are not heavy for the quality of your hair, winter dry care for hairs.

Haircare tips

How to care for hair in winter
How to care for hair in winter

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Use room temperature hair spray

One of the best ways to protect your hair is to use a high-quality wet spray.

Take care of your diet

Eating foods that contain oils, minerals and vitamins make your hair extremely healthy. Vitamin E is one of the most important vitamins for hair winter dry.

There are also many foods that contain a lot of important vitamins, such as meat, fish, fresh fruits and vegetables, grains, and nuts, all of which also help to repair damaged hair.

Follow the ends of the hair

Follow up the ends of the hair and get rid of the dry, crumbling ends from time to time allowing the hair to grow back dry.

Use of vitamin E.

Winter weather conditions and harsh winds make your hair brittle and damaged, so you should use oil containing Vitamin E to massage the hair and massage the scalp to rejuvenate its look and shine.

Use creams instead of serums

The use of serum creates a thick greasy layer on the hair, which may prevent the access of natural oils to it, and therefore the use of creams was best because it gives the hair attractive moisture.

Use cream baths and wet masks

Using moisturizing hair masks in the winter season once a week helps restore the natural oils that keep hair moisture.

Some things to avoid for hair preservation

Permanent hair styling

If you have time not to go out and some relaxation at home, you should give your hair a break and a time to rest and style it in a straight way so that How to care for hair in winter it breathes well.

Using a lot of protein

The use of protein, a treatment dose for breakage and frizz, does not have serious harm, but when excessive use more than once a week, poses a risk to the hairs.

Go outside and your hair is damp

Exposing wet and damp hairs to freezing temperatures causes damage and dries and freezes the strands of hairs, so if you have to come out with your hairs damp, you can wear a hat or scarf that protects your hairs from freezing and damage.

Using the wrong products

Some substances that contain alcohol can seriously damage the hairs, such as serums that lose hairs its natural oils, as well as the use of shampoos and conditioners that contain sulfates, which can be replaced with shea products and jojoba oil.

Wearing certain fabrics

Many are unaware that the material of the fabrics affects the hairs, especially the winter clothes that are made of heavy threads, as they absorb moisture from the hairs, and the solution may be to wear something silk under your hairs hat to protect it.

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