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How to choose women’s perfumes

How to choose women’s perfumes, Many women seek to acquire the best types of women’s perfumes, This is due to the role of perfumes in expressing the personality of their user, Some people may smell your perfume without seeing you or talking to you directly.

So a woman’s desire to choose a good perfume may cause her to feel confused.

But my lady, despite the importance of choosing the right fragrance for you, the constant change between the types of perfumes is recommended by many people,

Because each perfume gives you a different opportunity to highlight your personality and to add more charm to it.

How to choose women’s perfumes In this article, I will provide you with a set of tips that will help you choose the best female perfumes that suit your personality, and your unique style.

But first you have to know how the types of women’s perfumes for women are classified.

The types of perfumes for women differ according to the different scents that are included in their composition.

How to choose women’s perfumes

How to choose women's perfumes
How to choose women’s perfumes

Oriental perfumes: –

This type of perfume is distinguished by its strong smell, which in turn expresses the independence and the personal character used for it,

Despite this, it is not recommended to use this type of perfume during the day.

How to choose women’s perfumes It is preferred to be used during parties and evenings more,

These perfumes contain scents that are very similar to the scent of cinnamon, musk, or sometimes vanilla.

Woody perfumes

The name of this type of perfume is due to the name of woody perfumes due to its source from which its scents are derived,

They are trees such as: –

Cedar trees, sandalwood and pine trees.

These perfumes indicate the sophistication and depth of personality.

Therefore, she is loved by many men as well as some women.

It is also not recommended to use these perfumes for people of the young age group, because they do not suit their simple and fun personality.

Floral women’s perfumes

Most types of perfumes used by women fall into this category of perfumes.

How to choose women’s perfumes It is due to the reason that many women love her and choose her, because it does not suggest a personal romance.

And her dream in some types of this class,

This category of perfumes includes many scents such as: –

The scent of lavender, natural roses, blossoms, and sometimes gardenia.

Citrus perfumes

Which contain citrus aromas from fruits such as: –

Apricot, lemon, orange,

Which is classified within the real and refreshing perfumes, so it is preferable to use it during times of the day, as it reflects the fun and renewal of the user’s personality.

Aquatic or marine perfumes

It is a group of perfumes that reflects the calmness of the person who uses it,

Because it is inspired by the calm smell of the sea.

Herbal perfumes or what is known as green perfumes

This category of perfumes reflects the launch of the character used for them through green nature,

This category includes a group of scents mixed together such as: –

Flowers, fruits mixed with green herbs,

This category of perfumes is used during the day as well,

It can be used in both age groups, even for the very young.

To help you, my lady, in acquiring the best perfumes, I will present to you a list of

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