How to dress for an interview

How to dress for an interview, How you dress for a job interview depends largely on the company that contacted you. In the public service and for unskilled jobs. for example, the choice of attire will be less important than in a luxury business or for a commercial position. Indeed, we will not dress the same way depending on whether we have an appointment with the recruitm.ent manager of a real estate agency. a bar or a factory. To make your choice easier, we recommend that you follow the company’s “dresscode”. Do not hesitate to go for a walk a few days before the interview and to observe the people who come and go in the structure. This will give you an idea of ​​what is expected of you in terms of style.

How to dress for an interview

Look for the job interview: the happy medium

To eliminate any risk of missteps, avoid excess at all costs. Your job interview attire should neither be too casual, too original, too classic, or too stuffy. As with everything, this is about measurement. The best is of course to favor sobriety, even if it falls into the classic (but effective!).

What dress for women during a job interview?

Some of the best maintenance outfits for women include the suit with a blouse and colorful shoes. or black jeans with a matching blazer and a white shirt. You can also bet on a colorful top: avoid too bright colors, and prefer for example mustard yellow (.softer than chick yellow) which goes well with black pants.

How to dress for an interview
How to dress for an interview

What dress for men during a job interview?

For a successful men’s maintenance outfit. forget about blue jeans, and prefer chinos and suit pants in sober tones like beige, black or gray. On the short side, on the other hand, don’t hesitate to add color! Be careful not to fall into the kitsch for the tie…

The little detail that makes the difference

Because it is important that your maintenance outfit reflects your personality, take care of it down to the smallest details. A beautiful watch for a man will reveal a confident and confident personality. a must if you are applying for a sales or managerial position. Earrings or a colorful scarf in a woman will be perfect to show your dynamic side.

However, be careful not to use and abuse small details. Sneakers, joggers and fancy ties are to be avoided absolutely. Likewise, fancy socks and dirty shoes are among the black dots of any outfit for an interview.

How to dress for an interview: mistakes to avoid

To show you in the best light and put the odds on your side, certain errors concerning your dress for an interview are to be avoided:

  • overly showy tattoos; if you have tattoos, keep them discreet by wearing a long outfit or a scarf depending on their location;
  • holding too sexy: forget transparent tops and skirts too short at the risk of being cataloged;
  • too much perfume: for your perfume too, try to remain sober so as not to give a headache to your recruiter;
  • excessive makeup: there is a big difference between giving yourself a healthy glow with a little foundation and turning orange under a centimeter layer of makeup; here again, sobriety is your best ally;
  • crumpled clothes: you may wear the most beautiful dress or the most chic costume of your wardrobe, it will be useless without a good iron stroke; crumpled outfits immediately give the image of someone who neglects himself
  • overly casual maintenance outfits: jeans with holes, a humorous T-shirt, sneakers … All of these are to be avoided, even for unskilled employment. In fact, they cannot reflect your seriousness or your motivation.

How to dress for an interview according to its morphology?

If the interview concerns a position for which the physical is important (receptionist, mannequin, etc.), be sure to choose an outfit in accordance with your morphology (learn more: how to dress with an A morphology? ). Black clothes, for example, tend to refine the silhouette, while those with horizontal stripes will have the opposite effect. Prefer flared tops if you have a small belly to hide, and prefer clothing close to the body to highlight your best assets, without doing too much, of course. Curvy women, for example, will prefer to wear a loose skirt or dress rather than pants that will tend to mark the figure. As for men wishing to hide their little belly, all they need to do is wear high-waisted pants under their shirt or sweater.

You now have all the cards in hand to choose the right outfit and know how to dress for an interview, whatever the position and the type of business. It’s up to you !

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