How to maintain healthy hair

How to maintain healthy hair, elegant, shiny, healthy, lush, and beautiful hair is every one of us dream. But it turns out that there are secrets about how to keep beautiful hair healthy almost without effort.

How to maintain healthy hair

Nourish your weak hair by using silicone

Weak, dry, and lifeless hair by nature does not like conditioners at all. The air conditioning keeps hair tired and shapeless.

How to maintain healthy hair It is recommended to nourish the hair by using silicone drops or sprays before operating the air conditioner. Where the silicone gives elasticity and shines to the hair as it protects the hair from air conditioners.

How to maintain healthy hair
How to maintain healthy hair

Eat grains and nuts

Grains, nuts, omega-3, protein, fish, green leaves, beans, and other vegetables are very good for hair. How to maintain healthy hair It enhances the hair fibers and gives it a healthy and beautiful look.

On the other hand, fast food diets cause tremendous damage to hairs. Also, a lack of vitamins and minerals in the body, such as zinc, biotin, or proteins, may lead to hairs breakage and loss.

Hair care

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Maintain hair and shine by using warm water

Hot water cleanses the scalp from the accumulated fat and cleans it. But at the same time, these fats give shine and luster to hair.

Therefore, the middle solution here is to use warm water. Wash your hair with warm water instead of hot water and while doing so, gently massage your scalp.

Fix split ends with protein

Hairstyles, hair dyeing, lightening hair color, exposure to sunlight, curling hair, straightening the healthy hair, all may damage the hair and cause the ends of the hair to split.

To protect the ends of the hair and prevent breakage, healthy it is recommended to use hair products that contain protein. It penetrates deep into the hair and prevents its breakage. As for the ends of previously split hair, it is recommended to cut them with scissors.

Do not treat dandruff with oil

Since the cause of dandruff is actually oily skin and not dry skin, healthy keep  applying oil to the scalp will only exacerbate the appearance of dandruff.

So use dandruff shampoo. If the dandruff is severe, healthy keep you can go to a doctor to get a prescription for a medicated shampoo.

How to maintain healthy hair
How to maintain healthy hair

Reduce the temperature of the hairdryer

When we go to buy a hairdryer, we always want to buy the most powerful and powerful hairdryer in order to dry the hair quickly.

In fact, the greater the power of the hairdryer, the more power and speed the hair will be damaged. healthy keep  A hairdryer with very low power may waste a few precious minutes in the morning, but it will reduce the severity of your hair damage.

Keep your hair

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How to maintain hair? Avoid hairstyles that could harm him

Tight ponytails and braids can cause hairs to break and even pull them off the scalps. Damp hairs are more fragile than dry hairs, so it is best to avoid combing wet tips hairs maintain and tying them with rubber bands.

Maintaining healthy

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How to maintain healthy hair
How to maintain healthy hair

Use ammonia-free hair dye

Hair regularly It is recommended to dye hairs with moderate hairs dyes that contain the fewest chemicals, so as not to cause damage. healthy keep As we get older and with the appearance of gray hairs, healthy dyeing hairs becomes one of the most common activities, which increases hairs damage.

Keeps hair It is recommended to use a dye that wills preserve the health of our hairs and our health when we smell the fumes of these substances. healthy keep If you dye your hairs, you should use a shampoo designed for dyed hairs.

Protect your hair from the sun’s rays

Before every season of the year going out, it is recommended to use hairs products that contain a high level of SPF.

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