How to make up the eyes?

How to make up the eyes? Knowing how to make up the eyes and highlight them harmoniously is essential to obtain a successful makeup. Eye makeup is within everyone’s reach, provided you know a few tips. Discover all our tips for applying your makeup correctly and getting a doe look!

How to make up the eyes?

To know how to properly apply eye makeup, pay attention to the color of your iris. The color of the iris of your eyes will be more highlighted by this or that shade. It is therefore important to know the color associations that allow the eyes to naturally light up thanks to the make-up.

If you have blue eyes

How to make up the eyes Doing blue eyes with warm colors is ideal. For your eyeshadow, choose brown, taupe, bronze, gray or orange tones. Avoid light colors that will make your makeup look bland. Dark shades also create a nice contrast with blue eyes. You can therefore without hesitation opt for a smoky eye that will sublimate your look and make all heads turn. When it comes to mascara and eyeliner, you can choose between black and brown shades.

How to make up the eyes
How to make up the eyes

If you have green eyes

Green, sparkling color, is very well highlighted by purple, plum or lilac eyeshadows. Your palette of eyeshadows may also contain brown and gray, colors that also bring out the beauty of green eyes on a daily basis. How to make up the eyes On the other hand, a little makeup advice: bright colors like blue, pink or green are not the best effect. For green eyes, brown mascara and eyeliner are preferred over black shades.

If you have brown eyes

Do you have pretty brown or hazel eyes? So you’re lucky to be able to wear just about any shade of makeup. Be free to vary the color ranges, but know that the coppery, brown and beige shades will enhance your look every day. For a more pronounced make-up, choose golden, orange or pink eyeshadows which will give pep to the whole face. Finally, prefer mascara and black eyeliner to highlight your look.

The application of eyeshadow

For a perfect result, the application of eyeshadow requires some technical knowledge and takes place in several stages:

  • Start by applying a base on your eyelid, like foundation, to even out the surface and allow the application of makeup.
  • Then apply a layer of very light eyeshadow on the entire eyelid, going up to under the brow bone. This first discreet layer serves to catch the light.
  • Then choose a darker eyeshadow that you will apply to the entire mobile eyelid starting from the inside of the eye and stretching outwards.
  • To make a more worked makeup, you can opt for a third step consisting in applying an even darker eyeshadow at the outer corner of the eye, stretching from the base of the eyelashes and gently going up to the crease of the eyelid .

It is possible to superimpose up to 4 layers of eyeshadow, always from the lightest to the darkest. At each step, don’t forget to blend the colors with a brush, to avoid demarcations.

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Final touch: the line of eyeliner and mascara

Eyeliner: apply with care

Applying eyeliner is probably the most delicate step in eye makeup. This is not an essential step, but it does allow you to emphasize your eyes and intensify them. The line of eyeliner is generally applied on the upper eyelid, at the root of the eyelashes. To accentuate your gaze with a controlled line of eyeliner, start from the internet corner of your eye and draw a fine line to the outer corner, following the eyelash layout closely. You can end the line with a comma by slightly raising the line towards the tip of the eyebrow.

The mascara to finish the makeup

Mascara is one of the literally essential makeup products. Its application gives the final touch to eye makeup. It helps to lengthen the lashes and deepen the look. To make it easier to apply, raise your eyebrow and apply the mascara from the base of the lashes, working your way up towards the tip. Repeat the operation several times until you get a visible result. You can also make slight zigzag movements during application, which avoids “packets”. Do not hesitate to apply a little mascara on the eyelashes of the lower eyelid to further accentuate the look.

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