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How to make up with a mask?

How to make up with a mask? After being confined and sometimes deprived of sun, our skin must now face a new adversary: the mask. How to protect it from irritation and display flawless makeup despite wearing it? The Mavala experts have given us their tips.

Frictions, irritations, accumulation of sweat and sebum due to humidity and heat … If the mask is an essential barrier gesture, it is not tender with our skin. Find out how to take care of it and enhance it with the care and make-up advice that the Mavala teams have entrusted to us.

How to make up with a mask

Care: hydrate

If hydration is the essential step in any skincare routine, it is even more so with the wearing of a mask. So we opt for ultra-hydrating and dermo-soothing formulas that we apply upon waking and going to bed. And beware of rushed mornings: let your skin penetrate well before applying makeup.

Makeup side

How to make up your complexion with a mask?

With a mask, it is better to avoid the foundation, at the risk of seeing it run or fade because of friction and humidity generated by breathing. But if you really can’t do without it, you choose a fluid, light and water-resistant formula. For a better hold, we also opt for a satin or even mat finish, forgetting the glowy formulas. We finish with a touch of powder to improve the hold of the foundation.

How to make up with a mask
How to make up with a mask

How to make up your eyes with a mask?

Wearing a mask requires, full headlights on the eyes! We put the accent on our eyes, allowing ourselves, why not, more fantasy than usual. Again, there are a few tips to prolong the make-up of the makeup despite the humidity generated by the mask.

For the eye shadows, we apply a fixing base beforehand and we prefer water-resistant formulas. You can opt for an eyeliner, whose creamy texture is easier to work with your finger. Another option, put on dark kohl (or eyeliner) to bring an intense depth to the look.

How to make up with a mask For mascara, watch out for water-resistant formulas if you have combination skin: “Contact with sebum will tend to dissolve waterproof mascara which will then deposit on the eyelids,” say Mavala experts.

How to make up your lips with a mask?

Unsurprisingly, we avoid lipstick and gloss under the mask, at the risk of seeing them stick to it or drool. How to make up with a mask However, the protective balm is not overlooked in order to prevent the drying induced by wearing a protective mask.

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