How to polish nails at home

How to polish nails at home, Not many people know that polishing stimulates blood circulation at the base of the plate, prevents the appearance of grooves and cracks, and gives the nails a well-groomed look. Without this procedure, a manicure is impossible, so it must be performed correctly.

The same applies to frequent polishing:

It is not recommended for girls with thin and brittle nails more than once a month, in all other cases, it is allowed to use abrasives once every two weeks. Consider the important aspects of the system.

How to polish nails at home
How to polish nails at home

When to polish

You should understand that the procedure is only useful in supervision, and milling should not be abused. Nails should be treated carefully if they have characteristic traces of removed varnish or other pigments soaked in plate layers. It is also worth taking time for those abusing tobacco because the nails are very yellow.

How to polish nails at home, Girls with a dull nail plate, devoid of shine, find it very difficult since they can not do without polishing. The same applies to women whose nails are covered with “waves”, cracks and furrows.

Nail polish

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Preparing nails for polishing

For the most part, polishing should be done along with the manicure procedure. However, self-grinding is also allowed with appropriate training.

  • Remove the varnish from the surface of the dish with a liquid that does not contain acetone.
  • Take a glass file with medium abrasion, and give the nails the desired shape.
  • If you prefer square, make the corners smooth so as not to cause distortion.
  • Next, you need to steam the skin to remove the cuticle evenly.

To do this, take a shower:

  • Drink 50-60 g.
  • Geranium or rosemary in 1.5 liters of boiling water, leave the broth to partially cool, and dip your fingers in it for a quarter of an hour.
  • At the end of time, wipe your hands dry, transfer the cuticle to the base of the plate.
  • With your free hand, pull the sides of the finger, remove the layers of keratin in the skin with tweezers, and try not to touch healthy skin to avoid infection.
  • Move on both sides to the center of the cuticle (the base of the nail).
  • At the end of the manipulation, moisten a cotton swab in hydrogen peroxide, wipe the nails and the skin around them.
How to polish nails at home
How to polish nails at home

Gel polish

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How to polish nails at home

1. The first stage

At first, remove the previously applied varnish from the nails and cut to the desired length. Then steam nails and mineral enrichment. The best option at this point is a bath with sea salt and lemon juice.

The second version of the bath is a mixture of hot vegetable oil and apple cider vinegar.

The finger should be lowered and held for 10-15 minutes. After that, wipe your hands with a dry cloth. Step nails polish in home gel manicure You can use baths with iodine and orange or lemon juice diluted with warm water.

Other mixtures are also helpful, such as iodine oil or iodine salt in home. Instead of iodine, iodized salt can be used.

Usually, at this stage, the edges of the cuticle are cut or removed with tweezers. Step nails polish in home gel manicure , Dry skin treatment is also possible – their removal.

2. The second stage

Sometimes, it is at this stage, before starting the preliminary polishing, that a fine grinding process is performed. Fine grinding is performed with a nail file against the growth of the nail, which allows you to lift the keratin chips and completely nail clean the surface of the nail, as well as remove yellowing and minor bumps.

Preliminary polishing of nails allows you to smooth out keratin chips and remover small scratches that have formed after sanding and all the bumps. Unlike polishing, primary polishing is done in the direction of nail growth. Polish in home gel At this point, the polishing is done with the toughest nail home file, nail home.

Gel nails

How to polish nails at home
How to polish nails at home

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3. The third stage

Polishing with a soft file. Polish in home gel It also treats the entire surface of the nail.

4. The final stage

Apply vitamin and oil creams. Creams and oils help nourish the nail with useful substances, How to polish nails at home it shine and smoothness, nail polish in-home gel manicure, Polish in-home gel manicure, improve the structure of nails, and accelerate their growth.

Oils used to polish nails must be natural. How to polish nails at home It is these oils that contain vitamins and minerals.

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