How to wear waders

How to wear waders, waders : Nous sommes nombreuses à avoir déjà failli craquer sur une paire de cuissardes, ces bottes immenses, mais aussi très atypiques. Le souci, c’est que nous n’avons pas osé franchir le pas et sommes sortis de la boutique les bras ballants. Peur du fashion faux pas, crainte d’être trop remarquée, jugée…, les cuissardes sont une source de doutes pour beaucoup d’entre nous ! Et pourtant, la cuissarde est loin d’être vulgaire lorsqu’elle est associée à la bonne tenue. Pour savoir comment porter des cuissardes avec goût, il suffit de connaître quelques règles simples qui, une fois maîtrisées, vous permettront de porter vos cuissardes au quotidien tout en adaptant et variant vos tenues. Découvrez ici tous nos conseils pour être élégante en cuissardes !

Choose the right pair of waders

If you’re wondering how to wear thigh high boots with style, the first essential step is to choose the right pair. A sober and discreet pair of waders is the first step towards a successful outfit. The choice of colors, materials and shape of the waders should therefore be considered with caution. Here is what we recommend.

How to wear waders

Choose sober and discreet colors like black (the most classic!), Gray or navy blue which have the advantage of marrying everything.

A pair of beige, brown or camel over the knee boots is also a good choice for a more autumnal look, How to wear waders to pair with clothes in pink, ocher or brown tones.

How to wear waders
How to wear waders

If you have a daring mind, you can also choose burgundy or pine green over the knee boots, trendy colors that blend easily with everything. These colors are however much more visible than, How to wear waders it will be necessary to assume!

There are also pretty models of Net-A-Porter thigh boots in lighter shades like cream or rosé. These colors are however more difficult to wear in everyday life (and also messier!).

On the textured side, do not skimp on quality and avoid cheap materials that will not allow you to succeed in your thigh-high look. Prefer good quality, matt, and rigid materials such as vinyl and velvet. How to wear waders Avoid overly “original” or shiny materials such as patent leather, which are not very elegant.

The shape of the waders

The shape of the waders will give the overall tone of your look. Avoid models with fringes, laces and other eccentric details at all costs. To be well worn, a pair of waders should be as simple as possible.

How to wear waders So choose a sober and basic model, with or without cuff. The height of these shoes is sufficient in itself and no need to add more with frills.

How to wear waders If you are rather tall, always prefer waders above the knee rather than short waders which, suddenly, lose their authenticity. Shorter models can however be a good solution for waders for short women.

Heel or not heel?

This is the question that burns our lips when we hesitate to buy waders: high heel or flat heel? We strongly advise you to opt for flat waders or square heels. Flee with all legs the thigh high heels, much too connoted. If you want to gain height anyway, there are also models of wedge thigh boots that allow you to obtain a pretty silhouette without popularizing the outfit.

What to wear waders?

Once you have found the right pair of over-the-knee boots and it’s time to look at the outfits to pair with your new pair of unusual shoes. The idea is to create a contrasting silhouette between the lower and upper body.

Create a balance

To know how to wear waders, you have to study the silhouette as a whole. Know first of all that the waders will be the centerpiece of your outfit. They should therefore be highlighted by well-chosen clothing.

The waders are there to enhance your legs and refine them. The idea is therefore to play on contrasts and to counterbalance this aspect by volumizing the upper body.

How to wear waders For a successful thigh-high style, always associate them with wide, wide tops, even boyfriend cut.

We therefore wear our waders with a sweater dress, a straight dress or a mid-thigh skirt accompanied by an oversized vest and a long, loose coat. Thus, the silhouette is balanced between the refined legs and the bust enhanced by volume, giving movement to the whole body.

Do not hesitate to superimpose the layers (sweater or shirt + loose waistcoat + long coat), taking care to leave your waders visible, to further strengthen the volume and further enhance the legs.

If you’re cold, a pair of thin black tights or leg socks under the pair of waders will do just fine (hence the advantage of choosing waders that are a little wider than your legs!).

Another piece of clothing to wear with thigh boots for a trendy look: skinny jeans. The waders and skinny jeans combo is a sure bet for wearing waders with class. With the added bonus of being able to keep your thighs warm!
On the accessories side, you can complete the outfit with a few wrist bracelets, a necklace and / or a pair of discreet earrings. However, be careful not to add too much: the waders are enough by themselves!

What to avoid

As you can see, wearing waders is not random and requires knowing a few basic rules so as not to fall into vulgarity. The waders have by nature an erotic connotation (in particular due to the film “Pretty Woman”) which should be avoided at all costs by associating them with well-chosen pieces. If you want to wear over the knee boots, forget about mini-skirts, shorts and little tight dresses right away. Also avoid wearing your waders with a crop-top, a short coat or a short jacket that will not do your figure and your appearance. Finally, remember that the waders should be chosen and maintained with care, because, for an elegant look, they do not tolerate low-end materials more than wear marks. The thigh-high fashion is totally in tune with the times and you will find many models to your taste in most shoe stores.

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