Match your shoes as a couple

For a particular occasion, for fun or just because you want to, it is sometimes tendency to match the shoes within the couple. With fashions that are more and more suitable for both women and men, it is becoming easier to indulge in the assortment of outfits and shoes. A quick overview of shoe looks to match a couple.

Couple in sneakers

La tendance est plus que jamais à la basket. Comme de plus en plus de modèles sont unisexe, il est très facile de s’accorder au sein du couple. Côté basket, il est en effet commun de trouver les mêmes modèles dans les deux côté du dressing. Les baskets Adidas homme se déclinent parfaitement en version baskets Adidas femme par exemple. Pour un style plutôt détente et urbain, la basket est un excellent choix. On rencontre même de nombreux mariés qui décident de faire de la basket leur paire du jour J.

In moccasins

For summer, the moccasin is an excellent choice for a “matching look” as a couple. On the men’s side, the moccasin invites you to relax and evokes summer, especially when worn barefoot. On the women’s side, it matches easily with any look. On vacation, it’s the perfect choice for a little outing. For an even more original effect, he does not hesitate to choose them colored.

In boots

For a more rock’n’roll side, the black woman or man boot is a perfect choice. Mainly suitable for autumn or winter since it covers the ankle, the ankle boot becomes a choice piece in the wardrobe. Easy to wear and comfortable, we love it both during the day and in the evening. For women, it can be worn with a skirt or a dress as well as jeans.

To go further, it is even possible to match her outfits. Colors, textures, strong pieces… get started!

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