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Natural acne-prone skincare

Natural acne-prone skincare, Take care of your natural acne-prone skin, it’s possible! Soft, organic, and made in France. discover the new products in the PUR’tea tree range of the laboratory dome: solutions much more respectful of your skin. but intractable with imperfections!

Natural acne-prone skincare

At the heart of this range: tea tree. Also known as a tea tree, the tea tree is a small tree traditionally used for hundreds of years by Australian aborigines for healing.

Nicknamed “green gold” because of its multiple virtues. . In addition, it allows him to fight naturally and effectively against blemishes and therefore acne.

The tropical tree of the Rubiaceae family, Morinda citrifolia – or noni, is also present in the PUR’tea tree lotion. Natural acne-prone skincare Cultivated and used by Polynesians for over 2,500 years for the virtues of its fruits and leaves, this plant is renowned for its antiseptic, antibiotic, and even anti-inflammatory properties.

Natural acne-prone skincare
Natural acne-prone skincare

A perfect combination of active ingredients to make the skin with pimples, boils and other unwanted imperfections from which acne prone skin suffers.

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A brand serving beauty

Specialist in natural well-being and beauty for more than 25 years, the laboratory dome has therefore perfected its brand new anti-blemish range, developing a purifying lotion combining these two flagship ingredients, as well as an anti-stick buttons, synergy of three essential oils including tea tree. The objective? First, offer an effective, natural and above all organic alternative to people affected by acne, oily skin and blemishes.

Especially since the tea tree floral water used in the lotion is 100% French. A fact which deserves to be underlined when we know that tea tree is generally cultivated in Australia. and which is explained quite simply: the brand. which indeed wishes to favor short circuits and local products. saw here the opportunity to highlight a local producer.

PUR’tea tree, to knock out acne

Natural acne-prone skincare In order to take care of your acne-prone skin as naturally and respectfully as possible, do not hesitate to include products from the PUR’tea tree range in your daily face routine.

After a thorough make-up removal with jojoba vegetable oil. followed by a gentle cleansing. apply the new PUR’tea tree purifying lotion with the laboratory flavor. The latter makes it possible to purify the skin and tighten the pores. Composed of ORGANIC and 100% French floral waters. tea tree, peppermint. but also noni, it has astringent and purifying properties that make it particularly effective.

A gesture that will also complete the make-up removal and cleansing of your skin. by eliminating the last traces of makeup. lime and/or soap.
Finally. all you have to do is apply the PUR’tea tree anti-button stick to all recalcitrant buttons. Allowing to act locally and quickly thanks to its applicator pad. this stick, endowed with purifying and soothing powers. can therefore help you regain clearer skin, faster!

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