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Oily skincare routine at home

Oily skincare routine at home, Clean the face and the tools that touch it regularly:
Wash the face with water, preferably warm water twice daily, with the use of an oily skin care routine.
You should avoid using regular soaps and lotions that contain aromatic and chemical substances, as they irritate the skin and harm it.
It is advised to read the indications for the substances that you use for your skin; To identify the substances that cause damage to your skin, read the ingredients of lotion before buying it, to choose what is suitable for oily skin,

and works to regulate the secretions of sebum, in order to avoid lotion that works on irritating the skin.

Do not dry your skin violently using cotton pads, rather it is preferable to use medical tissues, then discard them so that bacteria and dirt do not accumulate on them, because bacteria accumulate on wet things, avoid severe friction, and do not use a loofah on your face, because friction increases the secretion of sebum and irritation of the skin.

Oily skincare routine at home

Toner is an essential product that you must have in your oily skin care routine.

Oily skincare routine at home
Oily skincare routine at home

Oily skincare routine at home It is necessary to choose a toner that is suitable for oily skin, and it is better if it is a gel or a water base, in order to facilitate its absorption and have a light texture on the skin, unlike dry skin, the suitable products have a heavy fat base on the skin to compensate for its dryness.
Toner has many benefits,

including regulating the secretion of sebum, moisturizing the skin and making it fresh, removes dirties that are stuck in the pores, constricts the pores and reduces their size, and is more quickly absorb than other creams.

Beware, however, as there are some toners with alcohol that contain alcohol. To cleanse and tighten the pores of the skin, but it causes dry skin and it is not recommend to use it frequently.

Use of moisturizers:
Does oily skin use moisturizers?
Yes, my dear, the use of moisturizers is important, because oily skin needs to be moisturiz, despite the secretion of oily substances, so you must choose the correct moisturizer that suits the skin, so moisturizers must be water based or gel; In order not to clog pores, and easy to absorb without pimples.
If you follow this oily skin care routine, you will have a calm, pimple-free skin and overall skin problems.

Tips for an effective oily skin care routine:

You must follow the steps of the oily skin care routine regularly, with the use of a sunscreen specifically for oily skin with a light texture, in order for Oily skincare routine at home it to be easily absorbe. It is preferable to be a liquid or gel, to protect the skin from the harmful sun rays, and at the same time it does not cause the appearance of pimples.
You should clean your cosmetics regularly, and prevent them from being share with your friends.
It is recommend to use oil-free beauty products; So that it is light on the skin does not close the pores.
Make-up must be remove before bed, so do not sleep with it at all.

In the end, you are beautiful, sweetie, in all your cases, so do not let the pills affect your psyche, Oily skincare routine at home and do not get nervous because stress increases the appearance of pimples, and you will get a clear, radiant complexion.

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