Quitting smoking through hypnosis

Very popular across the Atlantic. hypnosis is gradually gaining ground in France among the various alter.natives to smoking cessation. Indeed, this suggestive technique would have a double advantage: reduce the urge to smoke and strengthen the desire to quit. So, does hypnosis really have it all? How does it work? What are the different techniques used? And how does a session take place? Atout Femme takes stock.

How it works ?

The success of a hypnosis session for smoking cessation in Lyon as everywhere else depends mainly on the motivation of the subject to quit smoking. Indeed, it is important not to quit smoking to please family or friends but indeed because it was firmly decided.

Otherwise, failure is guaranteed in advance.

It is only after the decision is made that medical hypnosis can be of great help.

This specific technique is based on a suggestion process. aimed at amplifying the urge to quit smoking which lies more or less secretly in each smoker. In order to mobilize his positive thoughts in favor of a withdrawal. the hypnotized subject will use the arguments made by the practitioner that resonate most in him.

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What techniques where used ?

There are 5 different levels of approach to quitting smoking by hypnosis:

Suggest a change directly to the smoker: the patient is no longer in his labyrinth:

Quitting smoking through hypnosis
Quitting smoking through hypnosis
  • Modify the perception of addictive behavior.: the practitioner suggests to the patient to change his perception of his addiction to tobacco;
  • Use hypnosis to visualize the tobacco-free future: this projection helps the patient imagine their tobacco-free life. We then speak of hypnotherapy;
  • Use hypnosis as an aversive technique: hypnosis suggests to the patient that tobacco is synonymous with nausea. It’s hypnoaversion;
  • Self hypnosis the smoker: this method aims to make the patient master of his approach and to become independent. It’s empowerment or self-hypnosis.

How is a hypnosis session?

Before starting a hypnosis session in Lyon. the hypnotherapist assesses the level of dependence of his patient during an individual interview. This is how he determines his degree of motivation as w.ell as the various risks of temptation he may face later. This interrogation aims above all to define a hypnosis strategy and the different suggestions that the practitioner will be able to use.

Once this stage is completed. the hypnotherapist gradually brings his patient towards a state of hypnosis that must be pleasant and relaxed. Once brought into a hypnotic state, the practitioner begins his suggestion protocol in order to teach the u.nconscious to act differently or to change his vision of things. But in all cases, the subject remains a major player in his withdrawal.: the hypnotherapist only serves to detect and bring out the underlying resources.

It should be noted that a single session of hypnosis may be enough to stop smoking completely. However, if withdrawal does not appear, there is no point in increasing the number of sessions. It will then simply be necessary to wait a few weeks before renewing the treatment.

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