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8 skin care steps before bed | healthy tc
Skin Care

8 skin care steps before bed

Skin care steps before bed, the secret behind the beauty of any woman, is to take care of her skin and keep it clean and healthy, so every woman needs some steps to follow it daily.

In order to take care of her skin and maintain its radiance and freshness, she also needs a few minutes a day before bed to cleanse, care for, and beauty her skin.

Below, we showcase your bedtime skincare steps to keep you always beautiful and radiant.

Skin care steps before bed

Here are a set of steps to take care of your skin before bed, to make sure to apply them daily.

skin care steps before bed
skin care steps before bed

Cleaning the skin

You have to take care to clean your skin well before going to sleep, especially if you wear make-up regularly or have been outside all day.

So choose a good cleanser that is gentle on your skin, and do not use regular soaps or strong alkalies.

Skin care steps before bed And if you wear makeup, try removing it with a make-up remover first and choose moisturizers that are in the form of a milky lotion, as alcohol harms the skin.

Winter skincare

Tips hot for skin moisturizer air keep humidifier cleaner showers products hydrated sunscreen step oil winter will beauty lukewarm long apply stay tip follow baths hydrate months taking outside temperatures winter.

Facial Wash

After cleaning your skin with makeup remover, wash your face with lotion and water.

Keep the water lukewarm so that it does not dry out your face. Skin care steps before bed And don’t forget your neck in attention.

Important tip:

Use lukewarm water when washing your skin for its multiple benefits for the skin, as it maintains skin moisture, fights to age, and protects it from exposure to infections, while hot water causes inflammation and dryness of the skin.

Get rid of dead skin

Skin peeling sessions have an important role in its recovery, keeping it smooth and healthy, restoring its natural color, getting rid of dead cells, blackheads, sebum pimples, and other problems that affect the health of the skin in winter.

So in winter make sure to exfoliate your skin using natural exfoliating masks in winter, such as an oatmeal and yogurt mask, sugar and olive oil mask in winter, or coarse salt with olive oil, cocoa butter, or Vaseline, but be aware that this step will be weekly and does not need to be repeated daily.

Tips skincare

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Skin winter weather cleanser shower avoid best often keeping may little lips oils dryness reach moisturizers choose season does become good, tips use cold Dec winter.

Moisturizing the skin

Your skin, like the rest of your body, needs nourishment and hydration to maintain its health and provide it with the necessary vitamins, so you should moisturize your skin after cleaning in winter it by using moisturizing creams or good types of lotions, and it is preferable to use types consisting of natural oils to nourish and moisturize the skin.

Choose a moisturizing cream

Choose a good moisturizing cream that is rich in vitamin A and collagen, as it is important in fighting wrinkles. Put it on your hands, face, winter care dry and neck and massage gently, choose a very moisturizing night cream and consult a dermatologist.

And do not forget to apply a cream for the eye area, especially if you have passed the age of thirty to preserve your youth and the freshness of your skin, winter care dry and you should pay more attention to it if you are over the age of forty.

Dry skins

Tips skin winter winters skins gloves cold feel treatments talk along does humidify mild see reduce harsh dress drier thicker everyone knows people routine Dec cold using tips winter immediately damp heavier outdoors first top tips prep carefully short another care routine Dec, tips winter use routine hot skin Dec.

skin care steps before bed
skin care steps before bed

Sleeping for at least eight hours a day

The first step in your daily skincare routine is to get enough sleep for at least eight hours per day.

To enjoy fresh skin in winter as the body works to renew skin cells during sleep and address many of its problems such as dryness, winter care dry lack of youthfulness, lack of uniformity of skin color, and others.

In addition to the importance of sleep for general health as well, take care of the way you sleep, so do not sleep on your stomach, winter care dry bend your neck, and put pressure on your face.

Do not sleep on your side with severe pressure on the face, and try to change your sleeping position so that the pressure is not always on one side of your face.

Healthy life

Pay attention to healthy food, exercise, and healthy sleep, whether sleeping early or sleeping enough hours, winter care dry so that your eyes and those around them are not exposed to fatigue and darkening.

Focus on eating fruits that contain vitamin “C” because it enhances collagen production, which is why it is present in most skincare products.

Eat them often, especially before bed, and include oranges, lemons, tangerines, grapefruit, tomatoes, strawberries, raspberries, kiwi, and pineapple.

And avoid foods rich in fats and sugars, or at least reduce them, and this is to maintain the moisture of your skin dry and make sure to drink adequate amounts of water daily, at least two liters per day.

Doing light exercise

Do a light exercise for ten minutes before bed, and let it be a simple walk or run in the park, on the street around your house, on the treadmill, or even some dancing.

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