How to store dates?

Store dates, Dates are one of the world’s best sweet fruits. They grow on large trees known as date palms and originate in the Middle East, where they have been popular for millennia. These chewy, soft fruits are sold both fresh and dried in several varieties. Dates can be consumed or used as a topping for sweet and savory foods, and they may also be added to salads and distilled into sauces.
Eat the best flavor dates within one week. After one week,

The dates won’t go down. They have a very long shelf life, up to 1 month, when stored in an airtight container at room temperature. However, the more they remain on the plate, the more strongly their flavor declines.
White spots may form on or under the skin while dates continue to dry. There are crystals of sugar. The sugar crystals can be dissolved at low heat.
The dates are outdated whether you detect a rotting smell, discoloration or taste loss.

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Store dates
Store dates

First of all, if your dates are dried so you don’t have to worry about them going bad. When you intend to use them within 30 days, it is however best to place them in an airtight jar in the fridge.
You best put them in the freezer if you buy a lot of them from the bulk section of your foodstuff and don’t watch yourself use them for a few months.
Take a few the day before when you plan to use them. Freezing them does not reduce the taste or smell, because it is a frozen object that thaws pretty well.
I’m going to tell you I kept our own a couple of weeks in the cupboard, even up to a month, and all right.

If you have just a few, it will be nice to keep them at room temperature. But the fridge or freezer is certainly the way to long-term storage.

Using Extra TIPS

Store dates When the dried fruit is stored in the fridge, and you then need to be very soft in a solution for use, just soak the fruit in a very hot bath.
You just have to let them soak a couple of hours and before you know it you will have sticky soft fruit.
Today more and more people take sugar out or are really careful about their diets – like me.

Later-use freezing store dates

1- Store dates In a freezer bag, put the dates, Until screening, force the air out of the bag. Choose an airtight jar like Tupperware or cardboard. When the dates in the container are packed, leave 1 centimeter (0.39 in.) to expand after freezing.

2- In the deepest part of the freezer, put the bag. Store dates The dates freeze quicker and locks in freshness and taste. Storing freezer dates is a great place to go if you intend on using them even much often, even if you don’t know when to use them.

3- Three hours before getting the dates from the freezer. It gives the dates time to thaw or use in a dish before you eat them. The dates should have the same taste as the day they were purchased.

Soak the dates in a tub of warm water if you intend to use them soon. In 30 minutes, they should be soft and ready for use.

4- Maintain dates up to 3 years or more in the freezer. Dried foods, such as apples, can be stored well in the freezer for several years. Store your dates in a container that is airtight to prevent freezer burns.

When you experience discolouration, taste loss, or a foul smell after getting the dates out of the fridge, they expired.

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