The benefits of sport for pregnant women

The benefits of sport for pregnant women, Many women wonder if they can participate in sports when they are pregnant. Even if all sports are not .recommended during pregnancy. the practice of certain sports is not only indicated for the pregnant woman bu.t it is also beneficial for the baby.

Being physically active during pregnancy has a positive impact on both the body and the mind.

What sports to practice during pregnancy?

As we pointed out above. not all sports are good for pregnant women, especially those that can endanger the life of the baby.: ball sports, jogging, diving, horse riding, sports collective and combat should be discarded.

On the other hand, “gentle” sports activities such as walking, swimming.

Gentle gymnastics or even certain forms of yoga are perfectly suited.

During pregnancy. physical activity is recommended for a minimum of 2.0 minutes. 2 or 3 times a week.

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The benefits of sport for pregnant women

The benefits of sport for pregnant women
The benefits of sport for pregnant women
  • Good delivery: practicing a sport strengthens the abdominal belt, improves the breath, regulates venous return and therefore facilitates delivery while reducing the risk of a cesarean delivery.
  • Blood sugar regulation.: thanks to sport. the risk of gestational diabetes is reduced by 36%.
  • Reduction of back pain: strengthening the deep back muscles helps relieve back pain.
  • Decrease in nausea: oxygenation of the body has a direct effect on the reduction of nausea in the first months of pregnancy.
  • Weight gain management: physical activity naturally regulates weight gain during pregnancy but also helps to regain the line after childbirth.
  • Avoid pregnancy sciatica: thanks to better body posture, sport can help prevent pregnancy sciatica.
  • Improved sleep: spending energy and getting better oxygen helps you get better sleep.
  • Positive impact on morale: regular physical activity has a real impact on morale.

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