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5 tips to be beautiful for back to school

Tips to be beautiful for back to school And There you go. Back to school has arrived, and with it the hectic pace, juggling work, children and social life. You were so zen and you felt so beautiful and tanned on vacation! But then, why not try to continue to feel beautiful and zen also during work? Here are 5 tips that will help you on a daily basis

Tips to be beautiful for back to school

It is well known, the morning shower is invigorating. To get the most out of it, use the right products! To start with a pleasant and relaxing shower gel with verbena, a plant whose virtues are well proven! Don’t forget, then, the moisturizer step, both for the face and for the body. Massaging your legs has an invigorating effect and prevents heavy legs.

Find the right fragrance

Scenting yourself is not a trivial gesture. Your scent speaks volumes about you. And you even feel it all day! A perfume can appear pleasant when put on and quickly become heady. Also, it is important to judge a perfume … over time. Why not, for example, succumb to the freshness of a vetiver or citrus hint? Do not hesitate to test several perfumes before choosing yours, which will accompany you from the start of the school year to the summer.

Tips to be beautiful for back to school
Tips to be beautiful for back to school

Bet on vitamins!

school : We can never say it enough, vitamins are good for the complexion, health and good mood! If you have trouble complying with the sacrosanct rule of 5 fruits and vegetables a day, in the morning, try to take the time to swallow a juice of (different) squeezed fruits. Incomparable in terms of taste! For your lunch, bring a fruit rather than a fruit yogurt that no longer contains a lot of vitamins … You can also take fruit to work to avoid the 10-hour hunger!

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And sports ?

Tips to be beautiful for back to school If, this summer, you have adopted good physical activity habits, why not try to continue? Of course, you will not go swimming every day in the sea or will not play squash when you want. But you can get around differently: go on foot, by bike or on a scooter by bike to work, take advantage of your lunch break to go for a run, do some gluteal exercises in the evening… If you can’t do as much sport as you like it, you will inevitably find some tips to avoid a sedentary lifestyle!

In the evening, cocooning atmosphere

When you return home in the evening, there is a good chance that the day will not be over. The homework of the big one, Tips to be beautiful for back to school the diapers of the little one, the cleaning that was not done this weekend … However, try to devote yourself, every day, a “half-hour cocooning”, for example after the meal. Scented candles, plaid, good novel … Taking even a few minutes for yourself is not selfish but healthy!

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