5 ways to clean nails

Ways to clean nails, if you are looking for healthy and natural ways to take care of your nails and clean them, we offer you exclusively on the first Arab diet magazine in the world of fitness, health, and beauty, an amazing article that includes more than 5 methods of cleaning nails.

Winter nail care methods:

1. Drink water:

Contrary to what others think that drinking large quantities of water is not necessary for the winter season, this information is definitely wrong, because in winter the skin is exposed to dehydration due to cold weather and because of the use of heating devices in homes, all of which remove internal moisture from the body, and for this, you should drink at least From 8 to 12 cups of water a day, so that your nails are not exposed to dryness, brittleness, and then breakage, as water is one of the most important factors that maintain the freshness of the nails and strengthen them.

2. Eat foods rich in protein:

Nails consist of a layer of keratin, which is a protein substance, so eating protein-rich foods is one of the basics on which nails depend for their growth and strength. Protein gives you attractive, strong, and healthy nails that are not exposed to shelling, manicure polish home nail gel, and among the foods that are abundant in protein are poultry, eggs, and oats.

Ways to clean nails
Ways to clean nails

3. Minimize the use of nail polish:

Nail polishes contain chemicals such as acetone and car formaldehyde, and these substances damage the nails and lead to the erosion of the protein layer that makes up the nail, manicure polish home nail gel and therefore it leads to damage and dryness of the nails, and increases their yellowing, especially in winter.

Gel nails

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4. Stay away from acetone paint remover:

Ways to clean nails If you must apply nail polish, you should choose a nail polish remover that does not contain acetone in order to keep the nails moisturized and protect them from split ends in the long term. There are types of removers made from natural materials that are free of acetone.

5. Use moisturizing creams:

To keep your hands and nails moisturized, you must use special moisturizing creams for the hands and nails on an ongoing basis and regularly to keep them moisturized and soft and protect them from cracks and dryness, manicure polish home nail gel and they also help to strengthen the nails and maintain their health and luster, especially when the weather is cold.

6. Rub your nails:

Ways to clean nails It is important to massage the nails and the cuticle layer surrounding them with a little Vaseline to help protect the nails from damage and help to strengthen them because when the cuticle layer is removed, manicure polish home nail gel the nails are damaged quickly and also cause infection.

7. Use coolant the right way:

Many women may be ignorant of the effects of using the file in the wrong way on the Fingers. Using the file in a front and back movement exposes the nail to cracking and cracking, Ways to clean nails it is important to use it correctly and it is in one direction without moving forward and backward, manicure polish home nail gel and stay away from using the file if your Fingers are wet and do not use it after soaking Fingers or after a shower, as wet Fingers are more likely to crack and break home.

8. Wear gloves:

Ways to clean nails It is imperative to buy suitable gloves to wear throughout the winter period, especially when the weather is very cold, manicure polish home gel to protect home your hands and Fingers from drying out and damage. Significant damage to Fingers.

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5 ways to clean nails

Ways to clean nails
Ways to clean nails

Clean dirt from under the nails:

Ways to clean nails And that is by using a pair of clippers available in pharmacies, to remove all the dirt from under the Fingers, and this must be done in the bathroom and under good lighting so that you are able to see your Fingers clearly, and it is easy to clean the dirt from under your nails before washing your hands instead After washing, the drier the better.

Cleaning hands :

By using a mild natural soap and washing your hands under warm water, you do not need to focus on your nails specifically, just wash your hands, and stay away from soaps that contain parabens, as they make the Fingers brittle, as well as antiseptics that contain alcohol.

Nail polish

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Put your nails in a bowl of warm water and soap:

For three minutes, submerge only your fingers, not your entire hands, home polish and the water should not be lukewarm or hot, Ways to clean nails remove step but rather in the middle between them.

Use a nail brush to scrub the top part:

After soaking, scrub your Fingers from the top and then dry them, and if you do not have a brush specifically for cleaning your Fingers, get make to apply gel buff like guide acrylic take home polish to use a clean and remove toothbrush specifically for this purpose.

Nail polish removal:

Then wipe your Fingers, and the remover can dry by itself, home polish tips get but you can moisten them after that and after washing your hands again.

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