What are the problems of the nose?

What are the problems of the nose? Our perfume seems to have evaporated, however, those around us still perceive it. If its smell disappears, the reason is to look in our brain.

Perfume… a whole art. It must be said that the universe is fascinating, both by the materials used and by the memories evoked when one smells a smell. A question remains unanswered … Why does the smell of the perfume that one wears disappear while the others still perceive it? Thinking about this perspective almost throws us into the skin of Jean-Baptiste Grenouille, protagonist devoid of smell, in Patrick Süskind’s novel Le parfum. Far from being fictional, the answer is scientific … even primitive.

What are the problems of the nose

The fragrance has not evaporated, it is still present. On the other hand, this lack of perception is due to olfactory adaptation, also called fatigue of the nose. When you perfume yourself, a whole sensory universe is called upon. Odors are picked up by millions of olfactory receptors that stimulate the olfactory nerve of the brain by sending nerve messages. The brain then makes associations and categorizes the scents … according to a potential danger. If the smell is familiar, without apparent danger, it blocks it. And it will react in this way permanently. Everything is therefore a matter of instinct. It reminds us of the original and primary conditions of the human being, which are to protect themselves.

What are the problems of the nose
What are the problems of the nose

The lifespan of a perfume smell

A perfume lives, it evolves over time. Contained in its bottle, it is subject to the laws of conservation. To know if our perfume is “expired”, it is necessary to refer to its color and its scent: What are the problems of the nose “If it is oxidized, the perfume can have a darker color moreover, its odor has changed, we will then smell abnormally sweet notes ”explains Patricia de Nicolaï, creator of the eponymous brand of perfumes. In order for a juice to last longer on our skin, a few principles should be followed. It is best to spray the perfume after showering, on dry and hydrated skin. It is also possible to capture the odor using petroleum jelly for example. In general, fatty substances create a base to retain the scent.

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