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How to care for oily skin

How to care for oily skin, oily skin is a problem for many girls and women, because the nature and characteristics of this skin differ from other skin types.

Being greasy makes it more oil and fats secretion, and thus it becomes a suitable environment for the emergence of acne, pimples, blackheads, and other troubling problems.

These problems affect the beauty and vitality of the skin, and thus can affect the psyche and beauty of women.

Therefore, oily skin needs special methods to take care of it, and below we will learn how to care for oily skin.

Some methods of oily skincare and some tips to help you get fresh and bright skin, in addition to the best products and preparations for oily skin.

How to care for oily skin
How to care for oily skin

Winter skincare

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How to care for oily skin

You may be wondering about the best ways to care for oily skin, but you should know that there are several things that you must do together and continuously to get the best appearance of your oily skin, How to care for oily skin including:

  • Wash the skin twice daily with the appropriate cleanser.
  • Use suitable sanding once a week.
  • Persistence on ready-made or home-prepared masks.
  • Avoid foods full of saturated fats, and replace them with healthy foods that are high in fiber and beneficial fats such as Omega-3, and also replace fried and fried foods with boiled or grilled ones.
  • Stay away from caffeinated beverages, and replace them with herbal or decaffeinated coffee.
  • Continuous massaging of the face stimulates blood circulation.
  • Use ice cubes on the face to narrow the pores.
  • Stay away as much as possible from direct sunlight, and if necessary, use sunscreen gel.
  • Try not to be exposed to polluted air, smoke, and dust, so that bacteria do not activate on the surface of your skin and increase the possibility of pimples and pimples.
  • If you have blisters on your face, try not to touch them so that the infection does not spread to another area of ​​your face.
  • Try to relax as much as possible and avoid stress and stress in life, which increases the likelihood of pimples and pimples.
  • Consult your plastic surgeon about treatments that are right for you to reduce oily skin problems, winter care dry and ask him to suggest the cosmetic products and procedures that are right for you.

Tips skincare

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The problems that face owners of oily skin

How to care for oily skin, In the beginning, winter care dries cold use we must learn about the problems that people with oily skin suffer from so that we know the appropriate solutions for each problem.

How to care for oily skin
How to care for oily skin


It is a nightmare that bothers every girl or a young man from adolescence to the age of thirty. It must be emphasized here that acne is not closely related to oily skin, winter care dry as it can appear to owners of other skin types.

But people with oily skin are the most affected by acne, winter care dry as it lasts for long periods and spreads over large areas on the face.

Acne appears frequently in people with oily skin as a result of the activity of bacteria on the skin due to the increased secretion of sebum, winter care dry in addition to the expansion of the skin pores.

Large pores

Large pores are one of the most important features of oily skin, winter care dry Dec hot routine cold which makes them secrete large amounts of oils and fats.

In addition to its unpleasant appearance, winter care dry it also helps bacteria to enter and grow within the layers of the skin, which causes pimples and pimples to form.


Blackheads are formed as a result of two main factors, the first is the increased secretion of oils and fats on the surface of the skin, which helps dirt and plankton stick to it.

The second factor is the large pores that receive this dirt and plankton forming blackheads, and blackheads often form on the nose, the area around it Dec hot routine cold tips, and the forehead.

Dry skins

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The shine of the skin

Although some prefer the shine of their skin and even use some products to get a shiny complexion, the shine of oily skin is a problem, especially since it causes distress for some. There are some products and masks designed to eliminate this problem, which we will learn about later.

Dark spots

They appear due to prolonged exposure to harmful sun rays, and small dark spots can appear around acne. They can be overcome with lightening creams for oily skin, or with suitable masks.

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