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Take care of your nails: and The most important tips

Take care of your nails, Maintaining the health and beauty of nails is essential to have an attractive-looking hand. and because nails are a prominent part of the body, they need special and regular care, so that they always look healthy and in the best condition. Contrary to what you think, nail care will only need simple things that you must consider to get healthy nails.

Therefore, I offer you a set of tips for nail care methods, let us review them with you. Nail care methods When it comes to nail care, applying beautifully polished nail polish is not the only option, but you should actually take care of your nails on a daily basis.

Also, disinfecting nail tools after each use is just as important as cleaning makeup brushes regularly to prevent bacteria from forming, and to prevent your nails from contracting any infection. So always try to wash your metal nail tools with soap and water, then wipe them with alcohol, and don’t forget to change the disposable tools regularly from time to time. Get to know:

Tips for take care of your nails

There are some tips that you must follow to get healthy and strong nails, the most important of which are:

take care of your nails

Trim your nails

Trim your nails regularly to keep them strong and not easily break, so make sure to use the file in the correct way, taking into account the nail file in one direction, and avoiding cold in two different directions. And avoid as much as possible to file nails while they are wet, because they become more likely to break in this case than when they are dry, and it is best to keep your nails short to prevent the accumulation of bacteria underneath.

Make time for take care of your nails

Set aside at least one time every week to take care of your nails (pedicure) and (nail care) quickly, start by cutting or filing your nails, then pass a cotton ball moistened with vitamin E or E oil on it and on the surrounding skin. Then apply a moisturizing cream to your nails to get rid of the dead skin accumulat on them, then apply a layer of nail hardener to get healthy and strong nails.

Do not use nail polish remover

If you like to use nail polish products, look to the types that contain acetone when buying nail polish remover, so as not to harm the health of your nails and lead to brittleness.

Keep your body hydrated

Keep your body hydrated by not neglecting to drink water, and in addition to water, a cup of milk – which contains zinc – helps you get stronger nails.

Get balanced amounts of protein

Eat protein in balanced quantities in your diet, because your nails are layers of keratin proteins that make up nail cells and tissues, so when you lack protein in your meals, it negatively affects the health and appearance of your nails. If you want good health for your nails, make white meat, dairy and soy products essential in your food.

Choose foods that contain iron or omega-3s

Eat foods that contain iron and omega-3 fats, both of which are good for your health and overall beauty. As iron has an effective role in giving your hair vitality, renewing skin cells and strengthening your nails, and you can get it through whole grains and some types of leafy vegetables such as spinach. As for foods that contain omega-3, they are seafood, nuts and vegetable oils, which prevent nails from cracking, in addition to their multiple benefits for the rest of the body, such as preventing heart disease.

Wear gloves when doing housework for take care of your nails

Wear gloves when doing housework, so that you do not protect your nails or break them. Do not use your nails as a tool to scrape or clean things, as this weakens them and thinens them, making them vulnerable to breakage and abrasion quickly.

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