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Wash hair with Marseille soap?

Wash hair with Marseille soap? Marseille soap to enhance our hair? This homemade treatment revives the driest and most damaged hair.

In this particular context, hygiene is more than ever at the heart of concerns. It must be said that the crisis we are going through invites us to review our routines, to be astride handwashing and to apply barrier gestures. Result ?

Soap has never been so vital and is making a comeback, correlated with a need for natural beauty. Not only is it effective in guarding against the virus, but it also has something comforting in a bathroom. Its scent perfumes the room while its shape or color makes it a real decorative object. How many bars of soap got dust like that, on the pretext of not wanting to damage them?

Wash hair with Marseille soap

Rich in natural components, Marseille soap has sublimated us for centuries. Formulated at least with 72% olive oil, it cleans, removes impurities, and is suitable for many skin types. For this, it is important to pay close attention to your choice. Its formulation must be authentic, without chemical additives, without coloring, or preservative. From home maintenance to hand washing, it has many uses. Little is known, but it turns out to be an ally for the beauty and health of our hair. If you don’t use industrial masks, why not set our sights on this natural Marseille soap recipe?

Wash hair with Marseille soap
Wash hair with Marseille soap

Marseille soap to revive hair

If we know its benefits for the epidermis, its virtues on the hair are also acclaimed. Hypoallergenic, it helps regulate sebum and hydrate the scalp to limit the itching. It enhances the shine of the lengths and boosts the vitality of the hair fiber.

Grazia relays a recipe to maintain hair naturally. Just melt Marseille soap in a pan and add two tablespoons of sweet almond oil, two tablespoons of olive oil, two tablespoons of sprout oil wheat and two egg yolks. It only remains to apply the care in poultices on the hair and leave on for about thirty minutes. It should be carefully rinsed and proceed

to a mild and natural shampoo. At stake ? Dry and damaged hair is revived.

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