4 tips for getting into the sport

Getting into the sport is sometimes difficult, even if the desire is there. Lack of time, motivation, or even equipment can be an obstacle to the development of this good habit. To remedy this, Atout Femme gives you 4 tips to test!

Join a gym with a friend for getting into

For getting into Keeping your resolve to play sports can work better if you commit to it financially. We therefore advise you to register for a gym, where you can practice different activities according to your desires and tastes: in group lessons or alone, for dancing, weight training or cardio, the gyms are designed to offer you all the equipment you need to progress. The best? Sign up with a friend so you don’t suffer alone and have extra motivation to go to the gym regularly.

Invest in a machine to practice at home for getting into

If you don’t like the atmosphere of the rooms or going out to play sports, choose a practical solution: the machine. Consider the space you have in your accommodation before making your choice, it would be a shame to invest in equipment that you cannot use.

There are different machines according to your needs: load device and Smith machine for bodybuilding, home trainer or exercise bike for cyclist pleasure or electric carpet for running enthusiasts. You are spoiled for choice!

4 tips for getting into sport
4 tips for getting into sport

Work out while watching TV (or whatever)

Still in the tips for playing sports at home, here is the version for the less motivated among us: exercise while watching your favorite series for example or better a YouTube video to time yourself. For this, you don’t need a lot of accessories: a yoga ball, weights (or a 1L bottle of water) and a floor mat. Watch your streak while trying to keep your balance on your yoga ball, sitting and legs up. If it seems too simple, put weights over your head. Finish with cladding. This daily session of 20 minutes maximum allows you to work the deep muscles of your back and thus avoid everyday ailments while correcting your posture.

Cycling to work

Finally, here is a practice that will allow you to do sports twice a day without thinking about it: cycling as a mode of transport. Use it to get to work and go home in the evening, so you will get your daily exercise dose recommended by scientists. In addition, you don’t necessarily waste time! Not only can you avoid the endless traffic jams on your journey, but with an efficient electric bike, you can go faster with less fatigue (especially if there is a climb on your road which could discourage you with a traditional bike). Prefer this type of transport to a motor bike, more polluting.

And you, what are your tips or your little tricks to easily get into sport?

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