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Steps to get rid of bad habits | healthy tc
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Steps to get rid of bad habits

Steps to get rid of bad habits, whatever our habits are harmful to our health or our social esteem, we can get rid of them with a bit of determination and by implementing a proven training program.

One of us is not without one or more bad habit that he would like to get rid of, and this may be represented by the habit of attachment to sweets and sweets, which we have come to know are harmful to health, or the habit of staying in the bed in the morning and sleeping until late.

Which robs us of the opportunity for morning exercise, and enough time for breakfast The important thing before going to our daily work, or is represented by one of the socially unacceptable physical habits, such as gnawing nails, pulling hair, or shaking legs while sitting.

All of these matters can be treated. Harmful habits exist in the first place for a reason, often related to something of psychological distress or boredom and boredom, and the reality in their ropes can overcome the original cause of their existence, or circumvent to prevent or mitigate their harm.

Steps to get rid of bad habits
Steps to get rid of bad habits

Rid of bad

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Steps to get rid of bad habits

1- Write down your wish on paper

Take a piece of paper and write on it: the disadvantages of the habit that you want to get rid of and the advantages of leaving it, and keep the paper with you all the time so that you can review it whenever you are tempted to return to your habit again.

Steps to get rid of bad habits It is useful for the information you write to be detailed and based on a serious study that you conducted after returning to the scientific and health sources, and asking specialists, the more convinced you are of the necessity to quit the bad habit, the greater the chances of success in your efforts to quit it.

2- Replace the bad habit with one that is beneficial or less harmful

Psychologists have discovered that it is difficult for a person to completely stop a habit that has persisted for a long time, and that most people can circumvent themselves by switching it to another beneficial or less harmful habit.

For example, if you become accustomed to “clicking” with fried potato chips and saturated with fat, whenever you are busy studying a complex project or preparing for an important meeting, you can switch the habit to nicking with healthy food, such as carrots or cucumbers.

Steps to get rid of bad habits It is not necessary for the new habit that you adopt to be of the same type and nature as the bad habit, so you can, for example, learn a new sport or language, or plan to read a good book every month, or pledge to visit a school for orphans that you contribute to its activities once a week, this will occupy your time With matters beneficial to you and those around you, and diverts your interests away from the habit that you seek to get rid of.

Rid of bad habits

Create confidence build certain substituting plan avoid whether slowly finding method productivity part give either hope well want to make for making replace crossword provides often also meditation seem healthier forever advice place Learning for change life for bad get rid, bad habits the way may need to eliminate find steps no go get bad habits, get rid replace simple people ones.

Steps to get rid of bad habits
Steps to get rid of bad habits

3- Make your desire to stop the bad habit public

Do not leave your decision secret and keep it to yourself, but declare it publicly, and inform your relatives and friends about it, as this will urge you to respect the decision and not to violate it so that it does not become a subject of contempt or contempt by others, bad habits and there is nothing wrong with you pledging to some of your friends to submit For a penalty, such as paying an amount of money, if you broke the pledge that you made to yourself.

In this regard, bad habits it is useful to announce to everyone who reminds you or asks about your habit that you “no longer do such-and-such…” instead of saying: “I can no longer do such-and-such ..”, this suggests that you are the one who made the decision and will not Back off it.

4- Identify the sources of temptation and plan to avoid it

Expect your will to weaken on some occasions. So reckon with her, and plan not to fall into the traps of temptations associated with her, bad habits if you are a victim of the habit of eating sweets, for example, and you are invited to a party in which all the delicious food is.

bad habits, You can arrange to leave the party before serving sweets at the end, or choose the less harmful types of sweets (skimmed ice cream – sorbet – instead of full-fat, for example), and it is okay to admit to the party owner your weakness and ask him to help you fulfill the pledge you made to yourself.

bad habits If your bad habit is to set the television on and waste time watching frivolous programs whenever you sit on the comfortable chair in the home salon, seek to hide the remote control in another room of the house so that it is not within your reach whenever you enter the salon.

Get rid of bad habits

Change life take way to go need to eliminate help make step bad habits new no like learn negative really know stress replacing little long read many tell comes right better month changes good easy creating addictions let daily might looking In the following ways habits or get rid, bad habits good want break getting now.

5- Make sure to follow the evolution of your habitual abandonment

Recording your bouts of failure and success on paper will make you aware of what is going on, force you to be honest with yourself, alert you to areas of weakness in your endeavors, point you to mistakes that you should not repeat, and remind you of the importance and seriousness of the decision to leave the bad habit that you made to yourself.

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