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6 strategies for breaking bad habits

Strategies for breaking bad habits, having habits can often be a good thing, when you drive to work, for example, you don’t need to ask if you should turn left or right; The path becomes a habit for you.

We want the brain to learn how to do these things without energy and effort. ”Habits are an adaptive feature of how the brain works.

But sometimes, habits can lead to unpleasant consequences such as addiction to food when we are in a state of sadness, or many of us resorting to smoking when we are in a state of stress or stress.

Rid of bad

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Strategies for breaking bad habits
Strategies for breaking bad habits

6 strategies for breaking bad habits

1. Select the behavior you want to change

Thinking that you have “bad habits” is not enough: You need to know exactly what behaviors you want to change, Robert Tibi, Clinical Social Worker, writes Strategies for breaking bad habits:

You need to break the habit by thinking of specific, actionable behaviors, such as:

  • Don’t throw your shoes in the living room, but put them on a shoe rack.
  • Not eating in front of the TV but at the dining room table.
  • Walk for half an hour five days a week.
  • Sending a positive message to your friend once a day, instead of sending nothing or sending negative messages.
  • In other words, define exactly what you will change.

2. Fine yourself for every withdrawal

When committing a negative habit is painful, you will most likely get rid of it forever, money is a great motivator, so you can use the method of finding yourself and losing some money for any habit you regress in getting rid of it, by helping family members or close friends.

Strategies for breaking bad habits If you give up the habit of eating fatty food, for example, it may cost you paying some money to one of the family members every time, and in return, reward yourself for overcoming a negative habit every day.

Rid of bad habits

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3. Find out what triggers your bad habits

Understanding how decisions are made is the key to overcoming all kinds of bad habits, including those related to money.

Oftentimes, we repeat bad habits without realizing that we are doing them.

There are some considerations that often contribute to triggering every bad habit, such as timing, location, emotional state, etc., but being aware of them can help us learn what is behind these behaviors.

Strategies for breaking bad habits
Strategies for breaking bad habits

4. Change gradually and slowly

  • Forming new habits takes time and effort, but breaking bad habits can be more difficult.
  • So be patient with yourself rather than making drastic adjustments.
  • Try to focus on one habit and small, incremental steps can produce better results.
  • With the new diet, for example, small changes can be made such as reducing one serving of sugar.
  • Or swapping the cream in your coffee for low-fat milk makes a big difference in the long run.
  • And it might inspire you to add other small but meaningful changes.

Get rid of bad habits

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5. Think long about your bad habits before taking any step

  • You might be motivated to kick a bad habit right now.
  • But, as mentioned above, it takes some time before you start trying to change this habit.
  • Think about the negative habit carefully for a month before you take any action.
  • List all the reasons why you might want to get rid of them.
  • Log each time you find yourself engaging in this habit.
  • You may be better prepared to kick this habit after this preparation.

6. Remind yourself

  • Even with the best of intentions, we fall into bad habits when our willpower fades.
  • You may promise yourself to quit smoking.
  • But you may forget this promise completely when you notice your friend has lit his cigarette in front of you.
  • Try setting a reminder in your personal calendar to avoid this bad habit during times of your weakness.

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