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Ways to choose the right clothes | healthy tc
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Ways to choose the right clothes

Ways to choose the right clothes, the smart girl is the girl who does not run after fashion just to be a follower of it. Women naturally tend to pay attention to their external appearance, so it is necessary to make sure that wearing clothes that will make you look appropriate.

One of the basics of an attractive and elegant appearance is the appropriate choice of cloth that highlight your beauty and hide your body flaws. A woman’s body shapes are divided into five shapes: the oval body, the rectangular body, the hourglass-shaped body, and the inverted triangle or pear-shaped body.

Ways to choose the right clothes

First, the body is shaped like an hourglass

Ways to choose the right clothes
Ways to choose the right clothes

The hourglass figure has a thin waist, large chest, and plump buttocks and buttocks. If you have this look, here are these tips:

1. Avoid wearing trousers and shirts with large pockets at the chest and back.

2. Avoid wearing lacy and many-colored fabrics.

3. Choose shirts of medium length, without buttons, with a triangular hole at the neck, and loose-fitting pants.

4. Wear dresses with narrow straps at the waist, as this will give an impression of the overall thinness of the body.

Choose clothes

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Second, the body is pear-shaped:

Ways to choose the right clothes This body is characterized by a small chest, medium abdomen, and full buttocks and buttocks, dress here are simple tips for wearing the appropriate cloth. Ways to choose the right clothes If you have this look, here are these tips:

1. Avoid tight pants of light colors and frilly, because they increase the size of the buttocks.

2. Avoid long shirts that give your body a rectangular appearance.

3. Choose loose-fitting pants and medium-length shirts because they fit the curves of your body and give you attractiveness.

4. Wear high heels, as they are thin and give the butt more volume.

Third, the body is rectangular:

This body is characterized by its thinness and does not have any bends, meaning that the body is of one mass. Ways to choose the right clothes If you have this look, here are these tips:

1. For slim and tall women: Choose pants with many pockets and wide jeans as they fit your body more than a short skirt, but avoid tight pants because they give your legs a more slim and tall appearance, and they may lose your attractiveness. Also, choose a shirt or a medium-length sweater with light colors and graphics in the middle.

2. For slim and short women: choosing a long skirt, Ways to choose the right clothes as it is most suitable for you, and choosing a short shirt in bright colors. And you should avoid exaggerating the choice of high heels because if it is too long it will negatively affect your appearance.

Ways to choose the right clothes
Ways to choose the right clothes

Sure your clothes fit

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Fourth, the body is oval:

The body is characterized by an oval shape with a large belly and a prominent stomach, so if you have this shape, here are these tips:

1. Avoid wearing shirts and sweaters that are very narrow and replace them with loose-fitting and long pants with medium width pants, as this gives you a more streamlined look.

2. Avoid wearing dresses that contain belts on the waist or stomach area because it accentuates the stomach area more.

3. Avoid wearing any cloth made of lucre and vison materials.

Fashionable cloth

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Fifthly, the body is in the form of an inverted triangle:

This type of body is characterized by the width of the shoulders, for the thighs and buttocks, and this type has a full chest, a thin waist, and long and thin legs, so if you are one of the owners of this shape, here are these tips:

1. You should choosing clothesmen such as shirts and blouses with light fabrics that hide shoulder width and bright colors.

2. You should choosing jeans and skirts with a high waist.

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