Age spots on the face: essential oils to favor

oils : They are sometimes also called “lentigos” or “brown spots”: these are small spots appearing most often on the face, neckline and arms. They are the result of an excess of melanin, due to exposure to the sun: this is why they appear gradually with age, generally after 40 years. But a younger person, if they started their exposure to the sun early, can also have it.

Safe for health – although they should be monitored just like moles, in order to watch for the presence of a possible melanoma – they are sometimes considered unsightly, so many people would like to get rid of them .

Rather than tire your skin with aggressive medical treatments, discover natural solutions to blur your age spots on the face, thanks to essential oils!

What essential oils to choose to remove brown spots on the face?

To fight against age spots on the face, several essential oils are imperative to know:

Celery essential oil

It is the essential anti-pigment spot essential oil, it can effectively fight against age spots. Note, however, that it is photosensitizing: you should therefore not expose yourself to the sun after putting it on, which is why it is rather recommended for night care.

The use of essential oils is also not recommended for pregnant women or children, we invite you to read this article on the Health Passport site to learn more about the precautions to be taken.

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Carrot essential oil

This oil is excellent for the skin, it has anti-wrinkle properties and is one of the best lightening essential oils. It helps tone the skin and gives it a healthy-looking appearance.

Ylang-ylang essential oil

In addition to its sweet fragrance, ylang-ylang essential oil has purifying properties and is also antioxidant. It is therefore particularly recommended for skin care.

Geranium rosat essential oil

It is an oil with great regeneration and healing properties. It helps to fight redness and infections of the skin, and is also an excellent anti-aging treatment.

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What anti stain vegetable oils to use?

Essential oils should not be used pure, so it is imperative to incorporate them into a preparation, such as a soap, shampoo or cream, or to mix them with vegetable oils.

To increase the lightening action of your essential oils, combine them with anti-stain vegetable oils:

Rosehip vegetable oil

This oil is perfect for fighting against dry skin problems, and also has a strong anti-aging potential. It therefore effectively attenuates dark spots, while providing tone to the skin of the face.

Oily macerate of lily

This product is perfect to fight against dark spots: it brightens and soothes the skin, and unifies the complexion.

Castor oil

An essential oil in most beauty treatments: it strengthens the hair and purifies the skin. It is also excellent for reducing dark spots on the face or the rest of the body.

Argan Oil

This oil also has extremely interesting properties when you start designing homemade cosmetics: ultra rich in antioxidants, it effectively fights against the signs of aging. Restorative, it also helps to fade pigment spots.

Bearberry oil

It is a product often recommended in anti-spot care, because it naturally regulates melanin. It therefore unifies the complexion and makes it brighter!

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Anti brown spots recipes for the face

Now that you know the ingredients, all you have to do is start preparing an anti-stain treatment!

Make sure you wash your hands before handling your ingredients and prepare your cosmetics on a clean surface, using utensils that you have previously cleaned with soap and hot water. Any risk of contamination must be avoided.

Recipe for anti age spots with carrot essential oil

Mix 30 mL of rosehip oil and add 5 drops of carrot essential oil, which you can supplement with 2 drops of celery oil if you have it.

Apply two or three drops of this mixture on your spots, twice a day. You should see the difference after a few weeks!

Preparation against brown spots with ylang-ylang oil

Count 30 mL of argan oil for 4 drops of ylang-ylang essential oil: in addition to blurring your spots, this mixture will leave a wonderful smell on your face!

Anti stain recipe with celery essential oil

Mix 20 mL of oily lily macerate with 10 mL of rosehip oil, and add 10 drops of celery essential oil: apply this treatment once a day, your spots will gradually fade.

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How to prevent the appearance of brown spots?

An even more effective way to fight against age spots is simply to prevent their appearance! For this, the best is still to be careful to avoid excessive exposure to the sun: it is indeed he who is the cause of these skin disorders.

So do not hesitate to spread your sunscreen when you go out in the summer, not forgetting the most exposed areas such as the nose, shoulders and back of the hands. Choose a cream with a high protection index and remember to regularly renew its application.

The rest of the year, it is not necessarily useful to run away from the sun at all costs, it is still good for your skin, but avoid direct exposure. On the terrace, sit in the shade and don’t forget to bring a hat when you walk!

Despite all these precautions, no one is immune to seeing a few small spots appear: nothing too serious, it is our lot for all! By taking care of your skin with the appropriate products, you should be able to effectively remove the spots that bother you and find a skin texture that satisfies you.

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