4 good reasons to start swimming

Good reasons to start swimming have the advantage of accumulating all the muscles of the body and boosting endurance: which makes it a soothing and 100% feel-good sporting activity. Here are 4 good reasons to succumb if not already!

Preserve the joints

On the surface, underwater, swimming has the primary quality of sparing the joints and back. Suitable for all ages, this sport helps prevent osteoarthritis and arthritis, while alleviating the pain already present. Anyone, even in good physical shape, will protect themselves from possible joint pain by opting for an aquatic sport (diving, synchronized swimming, diving, aquagym etc.).

Good reasons to start swimming

For women, swimming is even more recommended during menopause and pre-menopause because it improves bone health. Its overall osteoarticular effect is proven, swimming is strongly recommended in addition to a more mechanical practice (running, weight training, etc.).

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Develop endurance

Aquatic physical activities have the advantage of developing cardiovascular and respiratory capacities. Swimming greatly improves venous return. The contraction and relaxation of the muscles, in fact, promote blood circulation by movement. This also has the advantage of limiting water retention.

With effort, breathing is key to move, balance, propel yourself. Mechanisms are then put in place to better manage their breathing. Lung capacity increases and the way oxygen is used in the muscles improves. Even in people with asthma, no harmful effects have been reported.

So, whether in the wooden swimming pool at the bottom of your garden or in your city’s Olympic swimming pool, 30 minutes of swimming per day is enough to maintain good blood pressure.

good reasons to start swimming
good reasons to start swimming


Swimming is one of the most calorie-consuming activities. The decrease in fat mass, increase in muscle mass … good reasons to start swimming the positive effects are observed after 3 months of practice. Also, the number of calories eliminated depends on the intensity of your aquatic routine and your physiology.

With movements rather focused on the length, you refine and tone the silhouette. good reasons to start swimming If you want to focus your efforts on the glutes, take a board to practice the leg kicks.

Tone gently

As a “sport worn”. that is to say where the body sheds its weight, swimming allows you to build gentle muscles. And, a not insignificant bonus, the massaging effect of water during the movement boosts circulation, making it possible to blur the dimples!

Depending on the type of swim, you may be able to focus your efforts on certain muscles more than others:

  • The crawl: tones the whole body – arms, shoulders, legs, chest, abs;
  • Back crawled: very effective on the back muscles;
  • Breaststroke: it mainly involves the pectorals, abdominals, biceps and calves;
  • The butterfly: very technical, this muscle swim deep in the abdominals.

To simply maintain yourself at home in all seasons, the so-called “swim spa” is also a good alternative. It combines hydrotherapy, relaxation and sports.

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