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How to get rid of bad habits?

How to get rid of bad habits? We all have our own habits that make our lives different and special in some way.

A cup of Nescafe you drink in the morning is one of your daily morning habits, surfing your phone before bed, watching movies on the weekend.

All habits differ from person to person. A habit is an activity that you do constantly, either on a daily basis or in general.

Sometimes the habits are positive, such as exercise, but the real problem appears when addicting certain negative habits.

Unfortunately, getting used to something negative is often a lot easier than positive, and here it is difficult to quit negative habits.

How to get rid of bad habits
How to get rid of bad habits

Although it is difficult, it is not impossible, here are some tips that will tell you how to get rid of bad habits.

How to get rid of bad habits

Changing behavior and quitting bad habits starts with the mind, in other words, it is a decision that you and start to implement and continue to do so because sometimes we may not see a problem with what we are doing from the ground up and therefore we do not find a convincing reason to stop doing this or that thing. If you decide that you want to get rid of bad habits, here are these tips:

1- Start with the small things first

Switching from someone who does a lot of bad habits to someone who does everything positive reminds me of the beginning of each year when we write a lot of goals that we will achieve and participate in the gym and start buying large quantities of healthy eating in addition to sleeping early, and we end up doing nothing of this.

How to get rid of bad habits So focus your efforts on getting rid of one bad habit and start with something simple as your motivation to get rid of all bad habits. But the most important thing is to sure that you have completely eliminated this habit and will not return to it again.

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2- Motivate yourself to get rid of bad habits

Encouraging oneself to do something is one of the most powerful steps in getting rid of bad habits. Always identify the things that motivate and encourage you to quit a bad habit.

Observe your habits and identify the times when you initiate the habit, the people around, and what you feel at the time.

For example, if you wants to break the habit of staying up late, try to do something that helps you sleep throughout the week, and break this routine over the weekend to feel the difference and have the desire to continue.

3- Replace the bad habit with a good one

One of the best ways to break a bad habit is to start a good habit instead. For example, completely abstaining from eating sugar stimulate your desire to eat it more than any other time, but if you replaces sweets and soft drinks full of sugar, with dried fruits or fruits in general, your body will get its need for sugar and feel satisfied.

With the repetition of the new behavior, How to get rid of bad habits which is eating fruits, you find yourself after a while, not craving sweets or sugars.

4- Move away from the idea of   “all or nothing”

Switching from bad habits to positive ones does not come overnight. So you never think about everything or anything at all.

In other words, if you continued for a week without consuming cigarettes, and then consumed one on the seventh day, this does not mean that you should continue taking it.

Motivate yourself because you were able to stay for a full week without it, and start the next day without any regrets and continue the walk away from smoking, and so on.

Rid of bad habits

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How to get rid of bad habits
How to get rid of bad habits

5- Find fans

It will become a lot easier if you find a friend or colleague who helps you and encourages you to get rid of a bad habit.

For example, if you want to stop the habit of eating unhealthy food or eating outside the home in general, it would be great if your friend wants the same thing.

You will find encouragement for the idea of not going to restaurants and cooking at home, and you will encourage each other to go out in different places and thus you will gradually get rid of this habit with the help of your friend.

Change life

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6- Leave reminders for yourself

Use your cell phone, sticky notes, or some things that remind you of what to stay away from. For example, you are trying to break of drinking carbonated water.

You can put a sticker on the fridge with a positive, encouraging phrase that you immediately give up a new bottle. Or put a message on your phone that appears to you daily and reminds you that you have already done away with this habit for days. This motivates you to continue until your new is not to drink soft water.

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