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How can enlarge eyes without makeup?

How can enlarge eyes without makeup? Women always strive to have a distinctive look and to enjoy the natural beauty that is far from being artificial and pretentious.

Since the eyes are among the most prominent members of the human body and the face of the face, we must pay special attention to them.

Beautiful and large eyes increase the attractiveness of a woman. So let us know in this article from My Health how to enlarge eye without makeups.

How can enlarge eyes without makeup
How can enlarge eyes without makeup?

Make your eyes

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How can enlarge eyes without makeup?

Expand the eyes:

  • The method of exercises to expand the looks is done by placing the index fingers in the middle between the eyebrows and placing the thumb on the outside of the eye.
  • Close the eye when doing exercises, and at the same time pull the index fingers up and the thumb out toward the ears.
  • To get the desired result, do exercises for 40 seconds and repeat daily exercises.

Make your eyes looks

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Eyelid Lift:

  • There are several ways to do this exercise. Women can be in a sitting or lying position.
  • Put your index fingers at the outer corner of the eye near the lower eyelashes and try to look up or up according to the position taken.
  • The woman is supposed to feel her eye muscles when she looks up. Push the face forward and bring the shoulders back to create a kind of resistance, How can enlarge eyes without makeup, and to increase the latter, you can push your feet toward the ground.
  • Please also hold this position for 40 seconds.
  • For a quick result, do these exercises two to three times daily.
How can enlarge eyes without makeup
How can enlarge eyes without makeup

Baggy eyes

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As for maintaining the beauty of the looks naturally, avoiding exposure of the looks to strong light, so it is preferable to use medical sunglasses, as well as reducing smoking that leads to yellowing of the whites of the looks.

Also, the looks should be washed regularly with a special lotion.

Finally, getting some sleep helps a lot in maintaining big and beautiful eyes.

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