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How to apply lined eye makeup

How to apply lined eye makeup, if you suffer from lined eyes, with the following method you can apply eye makeup easily.

Lined eyes

They are the eyes that have a layer of folded skin over the eye that looks like hanging over the upper eyelid, which makes the area above the eye small and this makes it difficult for women to put makeup on them easily.

That is why we were keen to present to you, dear, the way to apply eyeliner liner padded eye makeup to get the best distinct look.

How to apply lined eye makeup

How to apply lined eye makeup
How to apply lined eye makeup

1. Concealer

Choose one of the good types of liquid concealers, as it helps to set eye makeup and maintain it for a longer time during the day, and you have to apply it using the specially designed sponge, apply it gently around the eyeliner liner eyes and also on the drooping skin on the eyelid, and mix it well until it disappears.

2. Shadow of the eyes

Lined eyes need to choose suitable colors to be light or medium in color while avoiding completely dark colors, which make the lined eyes look more tired, and you must use bright eyeshadow that works to blur the skin on the eyelid.

You have to apply eyeshadow in a light layer from the inner corner to the outer corner of the liner eye layer, and blend it well.

And choose a slightly dark color shade and define it with the eyelids starting from the central region of How to apply lined eye makeup, as this area is more drooping, eyeliner liner and continue to define the eyelid towards the outer edge of the eyelid and you must combine it.

Use a light shade under the eyebrows in white or silver, How to apply lined eye makeup it makes the eyes look less flabby, and combine the color with the shade on the eyeshadow layer.

Eye shadow

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How to apply lined eye makeup
How to apply lined eye makeup

3. Eyeliner

Use a thin line of eyeliner to define, and you should not make it thick, and you can use green or brown, eyeliner liner How to apply lined eye makeup it is better for lined eyes.

4. Mascara

You can put two layers of mascara on the eyelashes to lengthen and intensify them, or you can use false eyelashes How to apply lined eye makeup it distracts from seeing the eyelids drooping.

Apply eyeliner

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Steps for black Smokey eyes makeup:

  • After applying moisturizing cream and skin make-up from foundation, rouge, and blush, you can be applying eye makeup.
  • Applying a little concealer to the eyelid and around the eyebrows.
  • You should use eyeliner to define the from the top and bottom in the usual way, with the corners of the face defined.
  • Using an eyeshadow brush to soften the eyeliner and spread it over the eyelid, making the outer corners of the eye dark black.
  • You can be using eyeshadow in a different color, such as brown or gold, eyeliner liner and distribute it so that the color is light towards the eyebrow.
  • Under the eyebrows, applying liner white eyeshadow and distribute it well, highlighting the eye makeup better.
  • You have to applying thick mascara to the eyelashes until you get the long eye and thick eyelashes, and you can also applying false eyelashes with layers of mascara and eyeliner makeup on them to intensify them.

Makeup artist

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Brown Smokey eyes makeup steps:

  • Applying primer or concealer for eyelids.
  • Spread nude eyeshadow over the entire eyelid.
  • Applying the light pink color to the moving eyelid and distribute it well.
  • Applying the dark brown eyeshadows to the outer corners of the eye, and with the brush you can draw a crescent shape on the outer corner of the eye, blending it well.
  • You have to mix the two colors of the eyeshadows together so that there are no boundaries between the color and it will naturally overlap.
  • Applying eyeshadows in shiny color, and it is better to choose bronze or golden colors that are applied to the center of the moving eyelid while being combined.
  • In the inner corner of the eyes, applying eyeshadows in the same bronze or gold color, but in a lighter shade so that it resembles a highlighter.
  • Under the lower eyelashes, you should be applying the same shades of colors, with the dark color on the outside and the light color from the inside except for the bright color.
  • Applying white eyeliner to the lash line under the eyes.
  • Using mascara or false eyelashes to get a beautiful look.

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