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How to maintain the skin of the neck?

How to maintain the skin of the neck? There are parts of our body that seem to take pleasure in betraying our age. This is especially true for the neck and hands, two indicators of the time spent on this earth. This is why you have to start maintaining them well before signs appear. Here are some tips for the care and maintenance of healthy neck skin.

How to maintain the skin of the neck

The neck is one of the parts of our body that is often highlighted. Firstly, it is right under our face, a place where, normally, our interlocutors should look when they are chatting with us. But it is also a part that we often forget when we do care.

How to maintain the skin of the neck
How to maintain the skin of the neck

However, when the beautiful days arrive, we have around him necklaces that propel him to the foreground. And as it is summer, why not take the opportunity to add some to our collection? Find personalized jewelry on that will help you sublimate your neck and hands with sublime necklaces and bracelets.

How to maintain the skin of the neck And yet, we tend to neglect the skin of the neck compared to the face, at least in comparison to the number of treatments we provide respectively.

This is a dangerous calculation because it will be too late when the weather has had its effect. So you have to take charge immediately, and here’s how to do it.

Hydrate and… hydrate again!

It’s no secret that anyone who takes care of their skin: the care that you cannot do without, regardless of age or gender, is hydration of the skin. When we cleanse the face and then moisturize it, we must continue with the neck by bringing it the right products, to give it back air of health. Vegetable oils are particularly effective (rose, argan, or almond) as well as natural waxes, yogurt, or aloe gel. Do not hesitate to repeat this treatment twice a day.

Exfoliation and cleansing of the neck

Like the face (and the rest of the body, by the way), it is important to exfoliate the skin of the neck in order to remove dead skin. It is best to use a gentle exfoliant and to take care of it once a week. This is what will allow the moisturizer to penetrate better. Then clean it up using clay. It is the perfect product for oily or combination skin. Its deep cleaning will restore radiance to the epidermis.

Breathe and relax

The radiance of our beauty and the preservation of our youth do not come only from the care we give to our skin. In truth, breathing and relaxing is perhaps the most important advice. Stress is the skin’s number one enemy. It makes it dull and creates many wrinkles on all levels of the body. When we are anxious, the whole body suffers from this tension which immediately affects our external appearance, but also our internal health. So we have to take the time each day to breathe well in order to relax our body and let it regain the energy it needs.

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