Dieting as a couple: is it more effective?

Researchers are unanimous on the subject. Dieting as a couple gives better results than solo. What are the causes of this difference? How to optimize your weight loss as a duo? Atout Femme reveals its advice to you before embarking on a couple diet!

Torque and weight gain: what link?

If it is synonymous with unique moments shared by two, the life of a couple also rhymes with weight gain … We note that couples tend to accompany each other in weight gain, favoring hearty and often unbalanced dishes .
To this is generally added a reduction in sports activities, in favor of going to the cinema or to the restaurant.

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However, when it comes to diet, unity is strength! Sharing a common goal, feeling understood and supported, are the keys to the success of a couple regime.

What method to lose weight as a couple?

The slimming diets on the site have been specially studied to meet the objectives of couples wishing to lose weight. Two slimming programs created by a nutritionist thus make it possible to develop new eating habits leading to effective and gradual weight loss:

Dieting as a couple: is it more effective
Dieting as a couple: is it more effective
  • The couple diet 1200 calories per day
  • The couple diet 1500 calories per day

Whatever your weight loss goal, these two slimming programs offer you rap ideas to lose weight intelligently. The 1200 or 1500 calorie menus consist of breakfasts, lunches, snacks and dinners.

This support in learning a better nutritional balance associated with some physical exercises (starting with walking 30 min per day) will certainly allow you to lose weight as a duo!

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