How to put on a scarf

How to put on a scarf In fall, winter, and even spring, the scarf is a practical but also an aesthetic accessory. The scarf keeps our little neck warm, but it also has the power to enhance an outfit. Provided you know how to wear it! If you don’t really know how to wear your scarf depending on the season, outfit or material, you’ve come to the right place! We will share with you all our advice on how to put it with style and elegance.

How to choose your scarf

Before knowing how to wear a scarf, you must already choose it well. There are an infinity of different scarves and it is important to make a wise choice by opting for quality materials, seasonal textures as well as colors and patterns to match our tastes and our clothing style.

The classic scarfs, which comes in the form of a long rectangle of fabric, is available in many versions: scarves and scarves for the summer, thick or oversize scarf for the cold season. If you want to wear a scarf in spring / summer, opt for light and fluid materials. For fall / winter, choose a warmer and thicker material, with large mesh which will retain the heat. The smooth knit will resist better over time than the twist and will be easier to tie.

How to put on a scarf
How to put on a scarf

In terms of colors and patterns, it all depends on your preferences. A winter scarf can be adapted to all your outfits if you choose it in shades of burgundy, gray, camel, navy blue, beige or ecru. For more originality, checkered, striped, two-tone or gradient patterns are also a very good choice and will bring a more marked style to your outfit. How to put on a scarf Patterned scarves can however be combined with sober outfits and cannot be worn with another printed piece, at the risk of overloading the outfit. For the summer, do not hesitate to opt for brighter colors (solid or patterned) such as red, pink or turquoise to highlight your complexion. The only color not recommended for a scarf: black, which tends to bring out facial imperfections and look bad.

How to tie your scarf

Once you’ve found the perfect scarves, it’s time to learn how to tie your scarf. Depending on your clothes, your hairstyle, the weather, or simply your mood for the day, several knots of scarves are possible and will give you the impression of changing your clothes thanks to a single accessory. There are indeed different ways to wear scarves that allow you to vary the looks. There are more than 30 different scarf knots. Suffice to say that you are spoiled for choice! Here are some of the most interesting ones.

The European loop

This is probably the most classic way to tie scarves, with the simple loop technique (which consists of simply wrapping the scarves once around the neck and distributing the two ends on the bust at equal height). How to put on a scarf This knotting is quick to do and adapts to all outfits and all occasions. Simply fold the scarf in half, pass it behind your neck and then pass the two ends through the opposite loop. Then tighten the knot to your liking. It can be tighter in winter, to keep warm, and looser in summer.


Very pretty with colorful scarves, this way of tying your scarf allows you to concentrate the color very close to your face and enhance your complexion. With a winter scarf, the turtleneck knot also gives you a modern yet relaxed look, while keeping your neck and upper chest warm. With a patterned or colored scarf, How to put on a scarf this knot allows you to dress the top of the silhouette and bring pep and volume to the outfit. To do this, simply put the scarves around his neck, tie the two ends together and then wrap the scarf around the neck several times.

The drape

Among the most frequent ways of putting on a scarf, we can also mention draped knotting. Rather for thick or oversize scarves, it is a question here of letting a part of the scarf fall on the bust and to throw the other part above the shoulder so that it falls on the back. One way to wear scarves asymmetrically for a casual-chic look guaranteed.

The braid

Knowing how to wear scarves also means daring originality for certain occasions. A little more elaborate, this way of tying a scarf for women will bring class and refinement to your outfit. How to put on a scarf Very feminine, this way of attaching your scarves give the final touch to an elegant outfit. How to put on a scarf To do this, first fold the scarves in half lengthwise. Put the scarf behind your neck and drop the two ends on one side, much lower than the loop.

How to put on a scarf Pass the two ends of the scarf through the loop. Grasp the end of the loop, wrap it around itself to form an 8, then pass the rest of the ends of the scarf through the hole. Adjust the scarf and admire the pretty braid formed.

You now have all the keys in hand to know how to put on a scarf and vary the looks every day. There are a multitude of other possibilities to tie your scarf like the European buckle, the rabbit ears or the Half Tied. Do not hesitate to vary the pleasures and to show off with this versatile accessory!

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