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How to beautify small eyes | healthy tc
Eye beauty

How to beautify small eyes

How to beautify small eyes, beauty natural there is nothing beautiful about a face like big and bright eyes, but unfortunately, not all people enjoy this always.

Also, know that this is not necessarily a bad thing, beauty natural as small eyes still look mysterious and sexy, but if you want to make your eyes look bigger and more beautiful.

There are many ways to do this, and not all of them are through makeup alone, so follow our article today to learn more about ways to make your eyes bigger.

Make your eyes

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How to beautify small eyes
How to beautify small eyes

How to beautify small eyes

Beauty natural do not apply eyeliner along the line around your eyes, beauty natural as this will make your eyes appear smaller, beauty natural and also avoid Smokey eyes.

When applying eyeliner to the lower eyelashes, make a line from the outside, not inside the edge, and in particular, do not let a line come all the way to the inner corner of the eye.

You can also make a white line in the lower line of the eye or any other light color, How to beautify small eyes makes the eyes appear significantly larger, but be careful, exaggeration will damage the appearance of the eyes.

Make your eyes looks

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Extend the eyeliner farther than the outer corners of your eyes, this line should move a little higher, simulating long eyelashes, and this technique will make your eyes appear wider.

However, How to beautify small eyes is a difficult technique to do. If the eyeliner is not applied symmetrically, it can make your eyes appear unbalanced, so do it in front of the mirror or ask someone for help at first.

How to beautify small eyes Adding a white eye shadow or eyeliner in the inner corner of your eyes, and this technique helps to bring more light into your eyes and produce a bigger eye effect.

Removing excess hair from your eyebrows. Your eyebrows affect the way your eyes look. Simply removing excess hair can make your eyes more visible, but not thinning the eyebrows more than necessary.

Baggy eyes

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How to beautify small eyes
How to beautify small eyes

Make your eyelashes looks longer.

There are several ways to do this:

  • False eyelashes application.
  • Using mascara to lengthen eyelashes.
  • Curling eyelashes with mascara.
  • Apply lighter eyeshadows like cream, beige, and white.
  • Apply a thin line of kohl to the upper eyelid.

Reducing any swelling in your eyes, the swelling in the skins around your eyes can make them appear smaller, so try these steps to reduce puffiness:

  • Get a lot of sleep.
  • Wash your face with cold water.
  • Put cold tea bags on your eyes, which are astringent, and tighten the skin.
  • Limit your salt intake, as too much salt, leads to water retention, which leads to eye puffiness.

You should also get rid of dark circles under your eyes, and this will not necessarily make your eyes appear larger, but dark circles detract from even large.

Staying healthy, which means getting plenty of sleep, eating healthy balanced meals, and limiting your salt intake in your diet.

Try to put the cold spoons, before you go to bed, put two tablespoons in the refrigerator until the morning, and when you wake up, put the spoons on your eye for 1 minute, and this method helps your eye to appear larger and brighter throughout the day, and it also helps to reduce the appearance of circles Under the eye.

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