What outfit to choose for a round woman?

Whether you are round or with a standard figure, it is important to be aware of your strengths even if you have complexes. Knowing how to choose your outfit remains the best way to bring out the beauty of your body and enhance it. With a generous chest, well-rounded buttocks, and volumes on the hips, you should favor clothes of your size.

Based on your morphology

Dressing properly must first have an excellent knowledge of the morphology. Do you have wide hips, thighs and a round belly, breeches? You must know how to enhance your forms with appropriate clothes. As you wear ideal outfits for round women, you can gradually adjust what you like. Here are some tips you can use:

  • for a round belly: put on a flowing tunic that allows you to lengthen the silhouette accompanied by a long and open cardigan;
  • bulky hips: wear high-waisted pants if you are looking for maximum comfort;
  • strong thighs and calves: you must choose suitable shoes which will serve to lengthen the length of your legs; If you are looking for comfortable shoes, choose boots with small heels or pumps, which do not pack the silhouette unlike ballerinas. Another tip, opt for shoes open in summer, square heel sandals with the top of the foot visible or wedge shoes, which will help lengthen the leg. In winter, choose city shoes such as derbies or oxfords, which have the advantage of marrying any garment (skirt or jeans) and being comfortable.
  • culotte de cheval : cela peut vite être disgracieux, mais pas de panique, il y a toujours une solution. N’hésitez pas à ajouter une ceinture à votre tenue, car elle est l’accessoire indispensable pour marquer votre taille et masquer la culotte de cheval. Côté tenue, préférez les vêtements fluides qui vont vous aider à cacher les hanches. En clair, évitez les vêtements trop moulants.

Dare to wear what you like

If the majority of curvy women forbid clothes or risk being teased, it is now time to put these habits aside. Tight pants, short skirt or V-neck shirt, you should not be afraid to wear them. It is essential to stay feminine and to choose the clothes that sing for you.

What outfit to choose for a round woman
What outfit to choose for a round woman

You will only have to start with pants that fit you and in which you feel comfortable, then combine them with a high neckline to highlight your chest. The secret, you will understand, when you are round with a slightly developed chest, it is to reveal the neck.

However, you need to study the patterns as they may break the style. The horizontal stripes are to be adopted for the top since they have the capacity to lengthen the silhouette.

There are also small patterns that are printed on less form-fitting materials. On the other hand, urgently avoid vertical stripes, which may compress your figure.

What is the basic outfit to wear round?

In the same way as fine women, those who are round have essential basics. First, there is the famous Jean pants which always brings out the value and provides excellent comfort.

Then, the shirt is also part of the must have for round women, both closed and open, it must reveal the neckline.

To avoid being vulgar, you will only have to add a lace tank top below the shirt. You can combine everything with a blouse that goes perfectly with fancy leggings or a pretty dress. On the other hand, you have the possibility of adding small mesh vests to be installed superimposed and according to the desires. The jersey suit jacket is also on the list of trendy accessories of the moment.

This type of jacket offers real comfort and avoids compromising the look. You should not forget to include a belt in the outfit to break the look and give a spectacular touch. You will understand, being round is not inevitable and does not prevent you from adopting fashionable outfits, varied and according to your style.

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